Salomon ADV Skin 12

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  • Great for runners
  • Price is high but it's worth it
  • A hydration vest that comes with the product
  • Product is easy to put on and tighten


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Top reviews

Best Running Hydration Pack of 2022 - GearLab
The Salomon ADV Skin 12 Set still stands among the best hydration vests we've ever tested. Not only does it perform excellently in all scenarios, but it can store a phenomenal amount of gear and strike a perfect balance so that every stride remains fluid. As you can imagine, comfort is of the utmost...
4 months ago
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Btw thanks to anyone who has ever commented about the Salomon advanced skin 12. Took it out for the first time for this run and it was phenomenal. Cheers!
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Salomon Adv Skin 12 Running Vest Review - The Trek
It may occasionally be a little much for a casual trail run, but it’s also just enough for a good hike. Salomon ADV Skin 12 Pros & Cons. Pros
4 months ago
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Not a trail runner? Check out this pack!
I’m not a trail runner but I am a big hiker and this pack was recommended to me. I was skeptical because I’ve got curves! Plus, would enough water even fit? Yes! I easily fit my 2 liters of water. The pockets are easy to access and stretchy. What a game changer because the straps didn’t dig into my ...
1 year ago
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Confusing to use and seems overpriced for what it provides
The fit is fantastic and the single most valuable part of this piece of gear is that it's relatively simple to put on and tighten, and it doesn't move hardly at all even when running. However, the price is exorbitant (I bought mine for $160 USD) for what it provides. You're paying a huge premium jus...
2 years ago
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Comfortable, light and versatile
I've been running with the Skin 5 Set but as I'm intending to progress to Ultras and spend a fair bit of time out on my own, I wanted the extra capacity of the 12. It's caverous and can carry everything I need. In reality, had I tried the 12 first, I don't think I'd have bothered with the 5. The wei...
3 years ago
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Salomon Advanced Skin 12 Set Hydration Vest Review - RunBryanRun
Conclusion There is no question that the Salomon Advanced Skin 12 is a winner. It allows you to carry everything they need within reach while running.
4 months ago
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It’s amazing exactly as I expected it feels great and everything is easy to access.
Stephen C.
6 months ago
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Best Piece of Gear from the Last Year
Salomon ADV Skin 12. Fits perfect; is great for shorter 25k efforts into the mountains, and works fine for the longer efforts as well.
Gortex trail runners for the wet season.
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Salomon Advanced Skin 12 Set Running Pack REVIEW | Run4Adventure
For a quick conclusion on this new pack from Salomon, I personally think this is a wicked pack.
4 months ago
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Gear Capacity (L)

12 liters

Gear Capacity (cu. in.)

732 cubic inches

Reservoir Compatible


Reservoir Included