Roxy Dreamcatcher 80

Roxy Dreamcatcher 80

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Great versatility on various terrains
Lightweight construction and maneuverability
Stylish and eye-catching graphics and design
Not suitable for more aggressive skiers or high-speed performance
Possible durability concerns over time
May not be the best choice for beginners or novice skiers


The Roxy Dreamcatcher 80 receives generally positive reviews from customers. Many appreciate its versatility and ease of use on various terrains, including groomed runs and powder. The ski's lightweight construction and maneuverability make it a great choice for intermediate to advanced skiers. The ski's graphics and design are also praised for their stylish and eye-catching appearance. However, some reviewers note that the ski may not be suitable for more aggressive skiers or those seeking high-speed performance. Additionally, a few customers mention that the ski's durability may be a concern over time. Overall, the Roxy Dreamcatcher 80 is a solid choice for skiers looking for a versatile and stylish ski that performs well on a variety of terrains.


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