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What to Know Before Buying a Rolex Explorer
So, here’s our argument for the Rolex explorer as the best sports model.
[Discussion] If your collection has a luxury watch (Rolex, Omega, etc.) , don't call it humble. Don't call it modest. Don't call it a "poor man's" whatever.
Yeah, I recall one post where a guy posted his Rolex Explorer (maybe a different Rolex) and said "it punches above its weight."
No, it doesn't. A Casio Duro punches above its weight. A Rolex is the weight.
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[Rolex Explorer] My second Rolex purchase (1st one for myself)
Two weeks later, my AD found out that my birthday was this month and so I finally got the text that the first shipment of the new Rolex Explorer arrived in their store and had my name on it. I’m lucky enough that I’m still in Florida to celebrate my birthday and now my own Rolex watch.
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[Tudor Black Bay 36] Got This Bad Boy Today
This is a truly beautiful watch but god damn the bracelet is small. It fits on my wrist on the highest adjustment...if my wrist was even a hair bigger it would be too small! I am worried about swelling in heat to be honest.
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[GS & Rolex] Yin & Yang
To me, the Explorer in pretty much all its iterations is one of only a few absolutely perfect, 10/10 watch designs. Its dial layout works absolute wonders for legibility and the size and thickness just make it wear so incredibly well. The bracelet is amazingly comfortable, and even though it only has EasyLink instead of Glidelock, it still makes a world of difference compared to non-adjustable bracelets. What I especially love about the Explorer (and all Rolex sports models, for that matter) is that the case, bracelet and clasp just flow so well together.
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I love the look and feel of this watch
I know this revamped model gets a lot of flack for being larger and having a different lume than the traditional Explorer. For me, these were the detracting qualities as to why I didn't buy a Rolex Explorer (I'll eventually get one later, though). I almost bought a Milgauss or a GMT I, but those are...
Bitter Almonds
8 years ago
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[SOTC] The rule is six watches only. What to swap next?
**Rolex Explorer II**: My favourite watch, I wear this more than the rest. I bought it when I turned 40, and it is so much better than all the rest. The bracelet is incredible, it keeps +0 secs per day 90% of the time as far as I can tell. Very special watch.
[SOTC] Does anyone know what day it is?
It’s a dress watch, it’s a fixed bezel dive watch, it’s a GADA watch, I don’t know but it’s my affordable Rolex Explorer and I absolutely love it. Nomos Metro Neomatik 39 - In-house automatic movement, belongs in a modern art gallery. This thing is the one that makes non-watch-people say “wow cool watch”. I had the manual wind Tangente, but in reality this is what I really wanted all along.
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[SOTC] From left to right: my flying watch, my travel watch, my everyday watch, my dress watch.
Wears great, looks great, is solid/durable enough to bang around on planes, trains, and automobiles... and doesn’t attract undue attention. 3. Everyday watch: Rolex Explorer—my newest addition, daily driver, and maaaaybe the P E R F E C T watch.
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[SOTC] 4 Years in watch collecting
Rolex Explorer. 214270 MK1 39mm (3132 caliber) (2010). My first luxury watch purchase.
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