Rohto Melano CC Intensive Anti-Spot Essence

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  • Great for oily skin
  • Vitamin C is a powerhouse skincare ingredient
  • Helps reduce hyperpigmentation and dark spots
  • Prevents acne
  • Boosts elasticity


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Melano CC Vitamin C Review
What I like about this product. Lightweight. I love how lightweight this product is
3 months ago
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[SKIN CONCERN] do they go away over time or these scars really need surgical treatments? M18
But most common treatments are laser and to improve texture tretinoin can be used. In the meantime, tyrosinase inhibitor like ascobic acid (I find the Melano CC is quite a good serum to start with) and a good UVAPF sunscreen can definitely improve the hyperpigmentation of the scars. All of this requires a lot of patience, and results can only been seen after months.
[Skin Concerns] Bumpy texture. My question and more infos in the comments.
It’s amazing and gentle and has worked wonders for acne brightness black heads and texture. I can clearly see the day after I used it on my nose my acne and my brightness.
Vit C
It is smooth and feels oily at first then matted on skin ....
Happy mom🥰❣
1 year ago
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Best Vitamin C Product I've tried!
I wanted to wait a few weeks before I gave a review since skincare takes a little while before you can see results and tell how it works for your skin. I can say that this product is fantastic! It is gentle and does a great job at fading spots. I can already see results, and it is more effective tha...
Paige H.
2 years ago
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✨ Skincare brought to you by the color yellow ✨ Reviews of AB products included
After two months of nearly daily and religious use, I understood the hype. It's a spot treatment that spreads as it settles into the skin and absolutely lightens the areas around problem spots. Also I have noticed that after I've begun using this, new blemishes don't leave marks that last as long and skin cell turn over rate is much faster. Now anytime I feel a new blemishes arising, I use this as a spot treatment for the life cycle of the blemish and spots are gone within a month or a little more!
I look glow-y
Took care of my skin’s problem areas and left me with a glow. Haven’t had a blemish in weeks. (I probably cursed myself by writing that, but what the heck, I want to share the wealth by letting people know how good this is.)
Lauren Z.
1 year ago
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[shelfie] my routine, by color
Suncut Perfect UV Essence: sinks in beautifully. Protects well.
✨ Skincare brought to you by the color yellow ✨ Reviews of AB products included
My experience with Melano CC is I use it all over, not as a spot treatment; 5-7 drops.
I can't say it's the most effective Vit C serum, but it layers well and it's not too expensive.
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What skincare products you cannot live without?
makes my skin soft and hydrated. nothing to complain :). 💫Melano cc intensive anti-spot essence.


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