Rofmia Daypack V2

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  • Great for the price
  • Rofmia Daypack V2 is an amazing bag
  • It won't stand up on its own due to its slant bottom
  • Dyneema leather version of the Rofmia Daypack v2 is an outstanding design
  • Regular Dyneema version will be lighter still and more water-resistant


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Always loved the Outlier backpack I got years ago. Anybody know if they still make them? Or is there is something similar you like?
Check out the rofmia daypack v2 if you like the quadzip design— that bag has three zippers on the main compartment, but if you email rofmia they can add a fourth zipper for free
- rofmia Daypack v2 (i like the look of this pack but it could be too flimsy). Thanks for your help.
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Rofmia Backpack v2 - Detailed Initial Impressions (i.e. why it's my "grail")
Ugh, reading this makes me want the backpack v2 so bad. I have the daypack v2 and love it but would love the extra room. Great review man appreciate the time spent
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Office is opening soon. I'm ready to invest in a nice backpack. I narrowed down the candidates to \[Nexthigh Rolltop; Rofmia Daypack; Veilance Nomin v2\]
Can someone please shed some lights?
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Nexthigh Rolltop vs. Daypack vs. Nomin
my rolltop is coming in today, i can write up some quick thoughts vs the daypack v2 sometime in the next day or so
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Nexhigh Rolltop Backpack impressions
I love the Rofmia Backpack v2 and Daypack v2 and have not found a finer product. These are my jam.
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My Rofmia Backpack V2 Custom w/ side pouches
Looks awesome! I had them do a iPad slot and a luggage pass through for my Daypack V2, rofmia makes some incredible bags!
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Looking for an EDC/Work bag - 13 laptop
Most likely above your budget, but the Rofmia Daypack V2 is an amazing bag. I have:.
What’s your favorite EDC bag? Need suggestions.
Rofmia Daypack V2. Eye-wateringly expensive, I know.
Previously the DSPTCH Ridgepack Dyneema and before that the Black Ember Shadow 26L
Looking for an everyday messenger bag or briefcase
DSPTCH makes their Slingpack and Unit Zipper Tote in Dyneema, which will be as light as it gets. The Rofmia Boston Bag M, which is an incredibly light 330g, I know you said price is no object but $420 is a lot of money for a bag not made of leather. I don't have that one but I do have their Daypack V2 and it is an outstanding bag, best I've ever owned.