Roborock S7+

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  • Great for pet hair
  • Easy to use
  • Works well on hardwood floors
  • Large dustbin
  • Good for hard floors and carpeting


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Roborock S7+ Review
Although expensive, the Roborock S7+ offers everything you expect for the price, including automatic bin emptying, smart features for customized cleaning, simultaneous vacuuming and mopping, and virtual boundary support. Most importantly, it performs as well as a $949.98 floor-cleaning robot should; the S7+ features impressive maneuverability, long battery life, and strong suction
Angela Moscaritolo
5 months ago
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Roborock s7. I personally think ECOVACS Deebot N8 Pro is the best robot that I've had to date, especially for it's price on the market. I'm confused as to why I was recommended against getting it.
The S7 is the best robot vacuum that can also mop, but skip the “Rock Dock” auto-empty station
The S7 was able to vacuum and mop my whole house — rugs, carpets, hardwood floors and all — without my having to switch out parts or reprogram it. Its VibraRise feature worked as advertised, lifting up almost imperceptibly, but leaving no damp residue on my short-pile rugs (Roborock says it’s best suited for carpets no higher than 4mm).
Jennifer Pattison Tuohy
5 months ago
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We’ve had the Roborock S7 for 7 weeks on our main floor which is all hardwood and a few area rugs. I’m currently trial running several auto-empty vacs for our upstairs which has our 4 bedrooms and all carpet. Currently a few weeks into the Roomba S9+ with empty bin and let me just say… while it does a good job picking up on our low rise carpet, the app and technology feels about 5 years behind the Roborock tech and app. If anyone cares about specifics feel free to ask but I’m constantly surprised how poor the app and tech work.
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Great vacuum, but forced to use worthless bags
The system is wonderful, I've owned each of their models since the S5. The S7 works extremely well, and is a wonderful robovac. To purchase it alone it is a great deal. The issue is the self emptying dock REQUIRES specific bags be installed. Not only are the bags a serious hassle to pull out of the ...
Amazon Customer
1 year ago
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**Roborock S7:** I saw some videos indicating it had better navigation and a better mop, it looked better on paper but it seemed to cost 950$ if you include the bin. If money were no object I would probably have gone for this.
i7+ vs Roborock S7?
I love doing a quick survey of the floor and picking and choosing quick areas for the S7 to go and clean. The Roomba only allows you to do specific rooms or clean zones, not random zones as needed. * Quieter overall than the i7. * Has a *washable* dust filter.
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Good vacuum with a few quirks
Update #3 - customer service replaced my mop attachment after I reached out through Amazon So I raised my review. Some quirks I’ve noticed since using for a couple of weeks. 1. If it gets stuck I do not get a notification on my phone. I’ve found it stuck three times now and sleeping but I never got ...
1 year ago
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If I get the Roborock I won't get the auto empty base until later on. I have a mostly carpet larger home with 2 double coated dogs, who sheed all the time. I'm open to other robot suggestions but I'm almost sure I'm going to get the s7.
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Returning the i3+, Considering i7+ or other brands with auto-empty
Neabot Nomo and Prosenic M7 Pro and their clones I would stay away from as they have pretty mediocre self empty bins, same seems to go for Deebot. If you really want LIDAR and self empty I'd personally hold out for the Roborock S7 and it's self empty bin.
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