Razer Kraken Ultimate

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  • Made for gaming
  • Light up Razer logo
  • Comfortable and durable design
  • Great sound quality
  • Easy setup


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Razer Kraken Ultimate Review
The Razer Kraken Ultimate is a powerful, feature-filled wired gaming headset with a fantastic microphone.
Will Greenwald
7 months ago
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The mic died in a month . Bad customer service
The set's mic died in about a month, two days after Amazon return window closed. I spent 25 min with useless Amazon tech support, that took all that time to redirect me to Razer, told me they would call in an hour to see if the issue was resolved. Never did - Erth's most customer centric company???....
3 years ago
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Amazing! Great for my ears, no pain.
TLDR: I wear glasses and headsets dig into my head causing me pain and leaving marks into my skull from pressing my glasses into my head etc. These have not (at least not yet).. and I am so excited. They feel roomy and nice, I was wearing them when I didn't even need to cause I just don't mind them ...
Amazon Customer
8 months ago
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Are Razer Blackshark V2 good for gaming and music?
I would totally disagree with the comments suggesting studio monitors and suggest you to get a slightly more costy gaming headphone like the hyper x cloud mk2s or the razer kraken ultimate, these totally worth it if your only concern is gaming, while it is true that gaming headphones may not have the same quality as audiophile ones but what they have is:. -laid back sound signature to ensure less treble fatigue, audiophile grade headphones sound signature may differ, some can be bright, some can be dark.
1 year ago
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Over-complicated and Convoluted... 7.1... Pffft
The media could not be loaded. My reviews are detailed. If you want the short and thin, it's a good product, but buckle up for a wild ride to get what you think you paid for. 7.1 surround is not easily obtainable. Now, I should start by explaining that I am very technical. I am a software developer ...
Kenneth Moulton Jr.
1 year ago
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Reliable, comfy, and cool looking :D
The noise cancelation is top notch! I can't hear my little bro's annoying discord calls with da bois and I can game for hours on end without my immersion being broken. Even unsupported games sound amazing through these and the mic is peak quality for recording (without buying a standalone voice acti...
1 month ago
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What Razer headset should I buy
I have the razer kraken ultimate which I like. I've heard and seen from the comments here the nari aren't that good along with bad mic quality. Although for other brands I don't have much to compare too.
Unleash the Kraken Ultimate!
I've been using a Kraken headset I got in a holiday Cynosa bundle. It's a good headset, but nothing like the Kraken Ultimate. Sound is so much better, much "fuller" sound. These also feel higher quality construction, but much more comfortable to wear. Being USB, I was worried about sound volume...th...
S. Shogrin
3 years ago
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Quality at a reasonable price
Looking to upgrade from the $20 options all over Amazon, I found these on sale (Prime Day) and went for it at $50 price tag. These sound great and my friends all commented on how easy it was to hear me now. It is pretty lightweight and comfortable for longer gaming sessions. The gel pads are nice, b...
Savvy Consumer
2 months ago
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r/headphones Shopping and Setup Help Desk (2020-12-08)
Past headphones - Have $115 credit from amazon because of a Razer Kraken Ultimate return on amazon, they were pieces of shit. Looking to make myself feel better and buying something worth lol.
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