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Razer Ergonomic Wrist Rest

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  • Great for typing
  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • Good for long typing sessions
  • Durable, but not too durable
  • Easy to clean


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Top reviews

Mediocre Wrist Rest
I ordered this Razer wrist rest alongside another with a more office or productivity-focused rest (from Kensington). When comparing the two rests side-by side, the construction of the Razer is noticeably lower quality. The foam and base materials are both noticeably stiffer, and the whole setup seem...
3 years ago
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Best Wrist Rest of 2022 - GearLab
The Razer Ergonomic Wrist Rest earned very high ranks on our comfort scale, thanks to its angled profile. A plastic frame holds together the leatherette covering, serving as its bumper. This gives protection to prevent fraying against continuous bumps to the keyboard, bracelets, watches, etc.
The l...
6 months ago
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Razer Wrist Rest: Wrath of the front angle.
The media could not be loaded. As usual, Razer never shies away from stepping up to the plate when it comes to things that it thinks the community would like, and this product is a reiteration of that point. As a wrist rest, I like it. It has a soft pleather texture and a very foamy inside that does...
Kendall Tisinger
2 years ago
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I can game with this!
The photos are taken with a EC2-A mouse and hand for comparison. EC2-A dimensions: L:4.7/W:2.6/H:1.6 inches Hand dimensions: W:3.9/L:7.4 inches How I measured my hand: - Width is measured from thumb knuckle to other side of palm. - Length is measured from tip of middle finger to the bottom of the pa...
3 years ago
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Razer has wrist pads that come with their higher end keyboards that connect to them through magnets and are made from a pleather material that wears a little too quickly. This is not like those. It doesn't make a magnetic fit to any of their keyboards I have but it is a more universal size that seem...
Amazon Customer
2 years ago
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The best wrist rest on the market.
I'm not a person who likes razer products (keyboards, mice, etc.) They always feel cheap and break. But I used my friends Ornata keyboard with one of these and I knew I had to buy one. I use a first gen Corsair K70 and the wrist rest (if you can even call it that) is useless. The only thing in suppo...
Cody Groat
1 year ago
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It's much more comfortable than I was expecting
I bought this cause i hadn't used a wrist rest in.....i dont even know how long. But anyways, I am sure that there are other wrist rests out there that feel similar, and probably a bit cheaper. But I have a bunch of razer stuff, so I figured for a couple bucks, why not just match the set. But it fee...
3 years ago
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Comfortable and breathable wrist support
I decided on this after the previous rest I had wore out as it was $10, the same price as the other random brands. Build quality is nice. No funny business or weird curvature, just a rectangle that will fit just about any computer setup. It supports my wrist perfectly and the pain I was experiencing...
Andrew H.
1 year ago
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Replaced my Corsair wrist wrest
I have a Corsair mechanical keyboard. It came with a padded wrist wrest that was good for typing and gaming. After a few years of usage, the padding cracked and was starting to become annoying. I first contacted Corsair - not sure they sell a replacement or not. They never answered my email. I tried...
4 months ago
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Best wrist rest with functionality in mind
I spent years using a super generic thin rest that I now realize didn’t give my wrists enough surface area to lay them when typing; what’s worse is that I positioned it completely wrong. With the thinner one, I pushed it up against the keyboard while typing, which only provided support for the botto...
Nixon M.
2 years ago
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