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  • Great for writing
  • A few interesting bits, but overall not worth much more than 3 stars
  • Concorde of pens, against a bright blue sky (well, paper)
  • Like Concorde, the Myu is an audacious design
  • Modifications to the testing pilot


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Average. A few interesting bits, but overall not worth much more than 3 stars
Average. A few interesting bits, but overall not worth much more than 3 stars. I wouldn’t recommend it to aviation enthusiasts or read it again. Also, the author’s penchant for breaking rules and taking chances sets a poor example for aspiring aviators.
4 years ago
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Vintage Pilot MYU Fountain Pen - 1976 - F Nib — The Clicky Post
The F nib is definitely a Japanese fine, but is becoming my preferred size for the brand for everyday writing and note taking. I love the experience of writing with this pen in both looks and feel. Along the lines of vintage rOtring pens, the vintage Pilots are quite collectable and can fetch a hefty price for NOS or rarer models like the striped MYU
4 months ago
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How long will it take for CTY to review my score report for the testing pilot study?
Modified on: Thu, Apr 21, 2022 at 11:10 AM Students who achieve eligibility through the test expansion pilot remain eligible for CTY-level programs until they age out after grade 12.Learn more about the testing pilot. Did you find it helpful? Yes NoSend feedback Sorry we couldn't be helpful. Help us improve this article with your feedback.
4 months ago
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Pilot Myu: the Concorde of pocket pens
Never has the AL Sport looked so squat and chunky. Really, for my kind of use journalling or in meetings, I should have got a Murex — but let’s face it, it doesn’t look as cool as the Myu.
4 months ago
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Review: Pilot Myu 701 — Alt. Haven
July 24, 2015 in Fountain Pen, review The Numbers: Weight: 21g Length (capped): 117.72mm Length (uncapped): 103.38mm Length of cap: 76.68mm
Price: Various on ebay
Body Material: Metal Nib Material: Stainless steel Filling Mechanism: Cartridge and converter (CON 20 and CON 50 only)
Colours: Silver only.
4 months ago
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Which of your Pens are you Content with?
I'm content with most of my pens. Biggest winners, though are my Pilot Myu, Pilot Custom 912 with the FA nib, and my TWSBI swipe that I got with an architect grind. The Myu is small, delicate, and writes smooth. It's a very graceful little thing.
5 months ago
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Tony Blackman Test Pilot: His extraordinary life.
A very interesting and insightful read. Especially about the Vulcan bomber and it's associated aspects of ejecting (or not!!). All the various aspects of flight in the post war II years. A really intersting read from someone obviously in the know.
8 years ago
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Pilot Myu
To those who have laid eyes upon it, the legend needs no introduction:
A sleek, smooth package.
The Pilot Myu gains its 100% deserved reputation with its rarity (i.e., not very, or not too much so) and its quality. Made from steel all over, it has the polished-chrome look of last-century modernism...
Recommended read
Excellent all round and very well told. True story and what a life the author has had, well deserved. Loved it.
Alan Gosling
10 years ago
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An essential read
A fascinating insight into a different era of flight, written by someone who could obviously do the stick and rudder thing but who then also wholeheartedly embraced emerging new technologies. The author's flying expertise and academic skills explain his courage in pushing for better aircraft, ergono...
Paul Harmer
5 years ago
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