Pflueger President

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  • Great for walleye and bass
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to switch left to right hand retrieve
  • Cheaper look and feel
  • Reported drag issues


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Pflueger President Reel Review: Quite Possibly America's Favorite Spinning Reel - USAngler
Final Verdict American anglers’ ongoing love affair with the Pflueger President isn’t the result of clever advertising or social media hype. Instead, it’s a testament to consistent quality, precision design and manufacture, and years of experience on the water.
2 months ago
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I lost a spoon in the surf and then caught it 10 minutes later on a swimbait.
Fishing in northern Ontario this summer and my son caught a sweet spinning rod and reel below a rapids. A Pflueger President reel and a Fenwick rod. A little algae on it, but buffed up like new.
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Cabelas #1 selling spinning reel
I have owned the Pflueger President reels about 4 years ago. I just purchased another one today (model 30). The Pfluegers are everything you want/need in a spinning reel. They are as good as it gets. They look nice and they come in several varieties. I just get the base model.
9 months ago
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Bail snapped off- no response from company
Bought a president spinning combo in April. Bail snapped off in June. The company is non-responsive.
Do not buy.
Peach Fishing Charters
2 years ago
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Rod and reel combo recommendations
I like my pflueger president reel, it's pretty cheap (60$) and you could get a decent rod with that and be set. I was fishing for trout one time and hooked a steelhead with my 6' rod and pflueger president.
Pflueger President Review | Salted Angler
The Pflueger President reel was completely redesigned and re-released in the fall of 2011. This reel although inexpensive still provides a lot of quality features at a price point that is very affordable starting at around $59.
Buy at BassProBuy at AmazonPrice point10 Bearing systemLightweightGood ...
2 months ago
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These are just simply the best
3000 vs 4000, the 3000 is just 1/4 inch smaller than the 4000. Both would be perfect for bass, walleye. I would go 4000 for channels, and pike. The 3000 will go 6 lb at 230yd, 8lb185,the 4000 starts at 8 lb285 yds . Both super excellent reels! I have many. I'm using the 4000 for 5 inch swimbaits 300...
4 years ago
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First rod questions: If I could only get one. (Weight, action etc)
I have a GX2 rod with a Pflueger president reel that I’ve caught various panfish and Largemouth bass with. The one I have is a 6 foot medium power rod with a size 30 reel with 8 pound mono. I find 8 pound to be a good balance for bigger bass as well as panfish.
New version breaks easily
I've owned 8 of these reels. The old version lasted forever. It was a great product. I've now had the bail break on 2 of these new versions after 1 season of fishing. Opened one up and it has plastic parts inside. Now I'm shopping for a new reel and recommend you don't buy this.
2 years ago
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Smooth casting
I am a pflueger fan boy, but I will try to give this an objective review. I purchased a size 20 for bobber fishing specifically. It feels good in the hand, and seems to be well made as are my other pflueger reels. I have a 4 pound line on it and it casts very smoothly. Bail opens and closes without ...
Jake B
4 years ago
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