Osprey Talon 33

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  • Great for a day hike
  • Perfect for a family of four
  • Good large daypack for longer hikes
  • Works decently well for air travel as a carry on
  • Weight of just around 2 pounds


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This is just about the most pack one can comfortably handle without getting load lifters above your shoulders with a rigid frame. For everything from a challenging half-day to 36-48 hours out this pack is perfect. Works decently well for airline travel too as a carry-on.
The absolute miracle here...
9 months ago
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What is your experience going from traditional backpack to ultralight backpack?
Whenever I've tried to carry a heavier sleeping and cooking system in an ultralight pack, it's been unstable and has had terrible weight distribution. However, on trips where I've been able to go properly light with my kit and carried a Talon 33, the pack has performed perfectly. To sum: I would always prefer to pare down my gear ahead of the pack itself.
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Can't go wrong with Osprey!
Perfect for an 8+hr day hike if you also get the 3.0L water bladder. This pack will hold all you could need for a day & your camera gear as well.
10 months ago
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Daypack for urban adventures
I love the Osprey Talon 22 as a hiking daypack! I think if you want something with good airflow on your back, best place to look are the hiking daypacks. I do the same and use a separate camera insert.
Osprey Talon Pack Series
In spite of their lightweight construction, they also allow for dynamic body movement that avoids some of the unwieldiness of more rigid, traditional packs. I love the way they hug the body and keep the load stabilized, even if you're, climbing, over logs or jumping from rock to rock the packs, also share the use of blue sign, approved, recycled fabrics that support osprey's, ongoing commitment to sustainability, while also delivering excellent high Tenacity, strength, performance and long-term durability. The full line of packs offers varied top-loading n-panel loading options with capacities to best suit your needs, but regardless of the size or point of entry, all of the packs provide streamlined storage, easily accessed organizational features, compression systems and gear lashing options for multi-sport use. The packs are also available in size options to ensure that you get the best fit possible visit us at emwild.com to see the full collection and check out individual specifications and features to determine the talent pack or packs that are best for you, while you're on our Site make sure you sign up for our email list, so you're the first to know about special offers, gear giveaways and more we'll even throw in a free t-shirt.
7 months ago
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[REQUEST] Fjallraven Kanken 17 or Ulvo
It is great at being packable and lightweight. Dedicated laptop sleeve is nice as well.
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Day hike carry-all.
Ideal for my uses. I am the family pack horse so room for 2-3 jackets snacks, sandwiches, and water for my family.
Pockets work out great for my needs. The little pocket on the left shoulder strap is perfect for my reading glasses or a small hand sanitizer.
I could even see this pack working o...
2 years ago
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Does anyone else go without TP?
Midday pees were with a water splash and a rag (am lady). Used wet wipes were placed in my rubbish ziplock and packed out. Obviously I had to balance the non-UL nature of the wet wipes, but my pack still came in at about 18 lbs including bear can with food and tarp shelter, and fit a 33L osprey talon for a planned 12-day trip.
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Travel Backpacks For Short Women?
Weirdly enough, since the top cover is smaller than the footprint of the bag, this is a very comfortable backpack. The actual volume is likely around the 30-35L range, as my old Black Hole Duffel 45, fully packed, could fit *INSIDE* another 45L backpack. Comfortably.
Good overall, not waterproof.
Zipper on outside pocket zipped closed with wallet and phone inside on 1st use. Could Not unzip even with plyers. Had to cut pocket open. Will try another Osprey however.
Amazon Customer
1 year ago
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27.56 x 11.2 x 9.84 inches


2 lbs. 11 oz.




33 liters