Osprey Porter 46

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  • Great for travel
  • Easily a carry-on which is crucial
  • Separated area inside for shoes, laundry etc
  • New 2021 version is terrible
  • Nearly perfect


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Tough stuff
I was worried about the size and lack of outer pockets but this bag is actually perfect. Easily a carry-on which is crucial. Also has a separated area inside for shoes, laundry etc. overall, worth the money and I think it will make the haul many miles. Tough material.
8 months ago
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I've heard a lot of good things about the Osprey Porter 46, and it should fit in carry-on. However, I'm based in Europe, and it seems to be hard to get for under €120 or thereabouts.
Bring back the nylon!
The new 2021 version is terrible. The main compartment is overtaken by the liquids pouch on top of the bag since the main zipper tapers down. This leaves you with a larger outer pocket and less volume in the main area. The outer fabric is horrible—a scratchy material that collects dust and pet hair ...
In the bag
1 year ago
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Osprey will replace the bag for me for free, but I'm wondering if I'd be better suited with a Farpoint 40 or similar. I've used the Porter 46 quite a bit but only truly onebagged with it once, for a 3 week trip to Japan. It was very spacious (I bought a ton of souvenirs and also I overpacked for the trip since it was my first onebag trip) but I found it too massive, unwieldy, and uncomfortable to carry it full-time.
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Two weeks in China - nearly perfect.
Nearly perfect. It's unusual I give a review of this level of detail. First, let me say that if you're debating about getting this bag - get it. 100%. Second, I bought this bag for a recent two week trip to China. The trip involved quite a bit of moving around the country and there weren't too many ...
5 years ago
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Osprey Porter 46 Travel Pack
So, if you're looking for an easy-to-use and super organized pack check this one out, the largest carry-on compatible Porter for domestic flights, it's the Osprey Porter 46, thanks for watching. If you have any additional questions about the gear that you just saw feel free to visit back country edge comm to get in touch with me or one of our other gear specialists, we have detailed product descriptions and specs and often for a lot of our products.
7 months ago
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Best digital nomad travel bag ?
I found. \- Osprey Farpoint 40 BUT the outside pocket on exterior for the laptop is a NO because to dangerous for choc and I dont need the duffel bag transformation option. \- Osprey Porter 46, good but ugly for city + back seem not breathable + not sure about the confort of the braces + hip porter is not efficient + duffel bag not necessary... Any suggestion please ?.
2 years ago
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Great Bag
This is a great travel bag. Only reason for 4 stars is the outside material isn’t at all weatherproof and picks up all kinds of lint/dog hair etc.
9 months ago
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Osprey Porter Travel Pack 46
*Good support so it doesn't agitate my back (hip belt, chest belt, lift loader). *Ventilation. *Decent protection from outside forces to avoid any damage to souvenirs whether that's from the climate or impact from travelling. It seems like the Osprey Porter Travel Pack 46 fits this criteria for the most part.
10 months ago
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My fav!!!
Upgraded from a older Osprey Porter which has been Goto travel back here in the US. I was looking forward to the relocation of the laptop sleeve, which I thought dropped in closest to the back, but this actually has a back/side zipper which is awesome. Like my older Porter, I plan on using this pack...
1 year ago
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Load Range

20 - 35 lb


210D x 630D Nylon Dobby


420HD Nylon Oxford


500D Nylon Pack cloth