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Onyx Boox Note Air

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  • Great for reading
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I was excited for this... - BOOX Note Air
(, laughing ) ( Crab Rave, playing on Note Air ), [ Jono, ] Whoa, that's pretty decent.! Dare I say the speaker is the best part of the tablet. That was worth it that made the whole thing worth
7 months ago
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Announcing the new Kobo Elipsa
Compare this with other brands such as Onyx/Supernote/Boyue, where you don't have any idea how long the device will be supported, and are on your own if you have technical issues (unless you bought it from Amazon or similar stores). Edit: for instance Remarkable 2, plus cover + stylus is 579 euros. on, Onyx Boox Note Air + cover is 558 euros.
Ereader for students?
That being said, you can look more for a note taking ereader, like the Boox Note Air, in which you can read and annotate both ebooks and PDF, and write and draw notes in pages. They"re not as flexible as regular tablets, though, but are more comfortable to the eyes.
I think I'm sold on the 10.3"/A5 size. The main purpose of what I want to do is read untranslated manga on it (I guess these mainly will be in CBZ or PDF format), so screen real estate matters. The couple of options I'm considering are the Onyx Boox Note Air 2 and the Fujitsu Quaderno A5 (Gen 2).
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Anyone happy with their color e-ink reader?
;). I personally use a Boox Note Air, which is a 10" b/w e-ink tablet. It's fantastic for reading books and working on PDFs, especially outside or in natural light. But there's a lot of tweaking to be done to get there compared to an iPad or Android tablet.
1 year ago
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Any Kobo Elipsa owners here prepared to give me an honest opinion and answer a few questions?
6. I was in a unique situation at work where someone needed a Note Air so I could reset mine and get the Kobo Elispa. This handles exactly my priorities which are 1, reading 2, Note taking 3, export docs to dropbox in a usable format. If you need more of a tablet where you can install custom apps than this is not the device you are looking for.
I'm moving from Kindle
I like onyx Boox. They’re well made and have lots of features because they run full android
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Tougher large screen ereader
I love it. It’s light and sturdy and all plastic.
Onyx Nova Air vs Supernote A6X
And I find that 10.3 is only enough for me to quick screen the passage. If the passage required a close reading or taking note, I still use bigger screen( surface 12.3inch) or print them out on A4 paper. My recommendation is getting a bigger satchel or beg and buy 10.3 inch device like boox note boox air supernote A 5x. Otherwise you will find the small screen device is not useful or studying.
1 year ago
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The AMOLED display on the S7+ is gorgeous but I could never spend that much money lol. * Onyx Boox Note Air/Nova3 Color - I love how this looks and feels, and the pen looks amazing, but I'm a very visual person and I need colours in my notes.
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