Numatic James JVH187

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  • Made for hard floors
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight and easy to carry around
  • Powerful suction for quick clean ups
  • Great value for money


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Not for UK market - why not tell us it doesn’t have a UK plug?!
Not for UK market - why not tell us it doesn’t have a UK plug?! Don’t even know if it works
1 year ago
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Looking for a cordless vac around $300. Dyson V7 vs Shark Rocket?
Numatic vacuums are great in the car
Numatic James JVP180 Vacuum Cleaner Demonstration & Review
Oh one other negative I don't like and I've said this before the extension ones now they do tend to stick Anyone who's got pneumatic cleaners, you might agree with me, but once you've got the two extension ones together, they sometimes can be very hard to pull apart what I would like to see and they've never done it so far, but you can buy this as an option if you want.
1 month ago
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Anyone know of a Vaccum that is upright, has a "bag", and has a retractable cord?
Retractable cords are usually a premium feature. Uprights are a budget compromise, if you want to retractable cord you'll be looking at canister vacuum cleaners like Miele,SEBO & Numatic.
Hope that helps
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Numatic James Unboxing - Commercial Vacuum Cleaner Review
it might possibly be one of the longest ones I've tested. I mean it is really long. It's this thick industrial stuff stair cleaning with James He's got a really nice long hose so I can actually go almost to the top of my stairs with the big landing in between
Performance Reviews
1 month ago
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~15 year old, used an abused Hetty, next to my new Henry
Numatic vacuums are a bit hit & miss. One shop I worked in went through 3 of them in 10 years. That's a much better average than a lot of other brands but hardly BIFL.