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  • Great for real stress
  • Nikon FTZ Adapter is horrid and WAY OVERPRICED
  • Nikkor SLR glass library
  • When you buy a new Nikon camera, Nikon sells the adapter for


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Nikon Mount Adapter FTZ Review
My only real gripes are the price and the issue with quick-release plates getting in the way of mounting the adapter. If those aren't deal breakers, you'll be happy with what the FTZ Adapter brings to the table.
Jim Fisher
3 months ago
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Evening in the old town (Nikon D850, NIKKOR 105mm f/1.4E ED)
Lenses like this are why FTZ and F mount glass will remain relevant for awhile. A stupid-fast 105 is not even on the lens roadmap yet and we don’t when/if it will ever be made for Z mount. And the AF works even better on the new Z bodies compared to D750/D850. This lens is a legend, and I’m keeping it forever.
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Horrid but essential
The Nikon Z cameras are lovely, but this cheesy little lens adapter is horrid and WAY OVERPRICED. Avoid it it you can. But, if you're a serious Nikon photographer, you won't be able to avoid it... [tears] (1) This thing is just an aluminum spacer with some electrical passthroughs and an aperture act...
3 years ago
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FTZ am I crazy?
I would think most of the ultra-wide use in Iceland would be landscape things and you're probably going to want more DOF, not less. The f/4 Z mount lenses are pretty much just as sharp as the F mount f/2.8s, and you get a smaller, easier to travel and pack with lens. I'm pretty happy with my 70-200 VR II on the FTZ adapter with my Z 6II.
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Get this when you buy your new Nikon
This is the adapter to adapt old Nikon lenses to new Nikon bodies. When you buy a new Nikon camera, Nikon sells the adapter for $99. That deal exists all the time and works on all websites. People paying $250 for this thing are doing it in the most unfortunately wrong way. No offense but it's best t...
J. F. Hindy
1 year ago
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Use your F mount glass on a Z mount camera.
Not sure what you need to know other than this lets you use your F mount lenses on the newer Z series Nikons. Z mount glass is expensive (but amazing), and the Z series Nikons are top tier cameras. This gets you going with a new Z camera without dropping thousands on new lenses. Let’s the amateur or...
7 months ago
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FTZ Adapter
I use the FTZ with my F glass (14-24 2.8, 24-70 2.8, 70-200 2.8) and it works fantastic. Sure, it's an extra 4.8g but it beats rebuying brand new glass for what I use it for.
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No af motor and click, click, click..
If you like limitation this is your adapter. If you like clicking, click click click! Do you shoot silent in the body but click the adapter. Finally, wait till you put it on a tripod mount. Have fun switching lenses. That is a minor issue, so I put it last. It does work! It just shows a lack of imag...
4 years ago
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Very, Very Good
I was a little skeptical after watching nitpicking reviews of this adapter which spoke of a reduction of autofocus speed. In a few months of actual use, however, I haven't had any noticeable problems, even for fairly fast action in fairly dim situations.
Shaun of the Dead
1 year ago
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Nikon D780 vs Z6 for existing non-pro users
You don't need new lenses with the FTZ but it does give you the option to use Z lenses in the future. The two hour battery life is an egregious under estimate. I've done over 1k shots spread over 6+ hours on a battery before changing it early. Just don't keep live view on full time and the power draw is similar to a DSLR at idle.
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