Naturie Hatomugi Skin Conditioner

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  • Great for dry skin
  • Contains a lot of natural ingredients
  • Been ranked at the top of sales charts in Japan for several years
  • Many different people who adore this product
  • Used by many celebrities in Japan


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Naturie Hatomugi Skin Conditioner Beauty Review 2022
I had no problem applying cream moisturizer because of how lightweight the Hatomugi Lotion is, and in no way did my skin feel clogged at all!. Results and Effectiveness. I’ve used this product both morning and night for several days to see its effectiveness
2 months ago
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[Shelfie] Mini reviews in the comments (AB & non AB)
besides, i rarely feel the capsules at all when applied to the skin and it immediately disappears once i rub the cream to my skin. On my oily dehydrated skin, this doesn’t feel very heavy and compliments well with my sunscreen that’s pretty drying.
I love it
This is one of the best products I've ever tried. It is reasonably priced but lasts a while, and I love how cooling it feels on the skin. My skin texture has improved so much! Would buy again!
Tiffany Y.
7 months ago
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Empties 😄
Naturie hatomugi skin conditioner - bought this for the cheap price and the big bottle, first thought was that it wasn't doing anything but gradually noticed that it was calming everything in my face, all the redness and the itchiness because of the fungal acne. A watery basic toner that's only slightly hydrating but have sooo much benefits. A nice mist to use too once you trnasfer it to a mist spray. An HG and a forever repurchase!.
Does what it's supposed to do
This is one of the popular drugstore toners/facial lotions in Japan. My friends in Japan recommended it to me last time I was there. It's a big bottle. It's been over a year and I still have enough left for at least another month. It's nice that this can be used pretty liberally due to the amount th...
4 years ago
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Favorite "bang for your buck" watery toner to decabt into spray bottles?
Naturie Hatomugi skin conditioner!. Cheapest I’ve seen is $12 for 500 mL online or I’d see the occasional $26 for a pack of 2 at my local Asian supermarket (which is a REALLY good deal esp in Canadian dollar). Decanting in a spray bottle is really great because it makes your toner last longer by cutting down waste vs pouring on your hands or cotton pad.
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Love it!
I saw Ratzilla recommending the naturie moisturizing gel, then Amazon recommended this after I bought the moisturizing gel. Long story short, I finish my Muji Sensitive skin toner water high moisture and wanted something... well that doesn't require me a trip to Muji. I remember Ratzilla and naturie...
2 years ago
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Big-sized skincare!
Naturie hatomugi skin conditioner! Comes in a 500 mL bottle and I’ve seen it come in a pack of 2 at my local Asian supermarket.
I normally decant it in a spray bottle instead of pouring this on a cotton pad so it does last a long time!
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Dr.G Red Blemish Soothing Cream Review
The cream also has a lightweight feeling. It doesn't make my skin feel like theres something on it or trap sweat if you know what I mean.
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Moistens + feels so natural, right in but not oily at all. I could bathe in this stuff!
My calligraphy teacher is from Japan and let us try this skin conditioner on chapped hands last winter because it’s not greasy or oily and doesn’t get on the paper where we are writing. She said in Japan a lot of women use it on their face. It’s surprisingly thin but it soaked into my skin immediate...
1 year ago
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