NAD C658

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  • Great for music streaming
  • Sound quality is above average
  • Local USB is best
  • Most music services
  • MQA works unlike tidal app software buggy


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software buggy on windows 10 very well so
sound is above average local usb is best has most music services mqa works unlike tidal app software buggy Ethernet works but sound quality lower than wireless compared to allow digi one and project dac random shuffle not very good cant handle 2000 track puts songs in alphabetic order not how on cd ...
danny blaha
3 years ago
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NAD C 658 STREAMING DAC Review - Make Tea? « TOP NEW Review
OUTSTANDING – amongst the best. 10 Total Score Massively capable digital preamplifier with streaming and loudspeaker correction.
4 months ago
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The Complete Jazz Corner
Then I brought out the big guns with the NAD components. The C658 streaming preamp I bought practically by accident, but I fell in love with it almost immediately. So flexible it even streams local radio stations. I had my eyes on the Klipsch Forte IIIs that I heard earlier this year, but then when the IVs came out, they sounded so much more balanced and meaty.
Review NAD C 658 dac - pre-amp - streamer - Alpha Audio NET
What’s not to like, the price maybe? Time for the NAD C 658. After the test of the special Nad M10, today it’s time for the budget-friendly Nad C658 BluOS Streaming Dac. Quite a mouthful and that’s why from now on, to keep it readable, we’re talking about the Nad C 658
4 months ago
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Subwoofer tips for Alcoholics
Then I read an article about the Sierra 2EX's which sent me down THAT rabbit hole, and I decided I wanted those not the DCMs and I bought those too. Then they sounded so good that I needed better electronics to drive them. That sent me on ANOTHER rabbit hole, and I had to have the NAD C658. I justified that because it had Blue Sound built in, and Dirac, and a subwoofer output.
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Review: NAD C 658 & NAD C 298 / No-Nonsense!
Fresh, clear, tidy treble, which – with the appropriate music playback – can also get a grip, but at all times refrains from insubordinate harshness or hissing. The analog inputs are an iota milder at the frequency response ends, unless the analog bypass is selected. Great dynamics: Large reserves of power can be mobilized from a standing start, but the fine definition of quiet details is also well above the price range
4 months ago
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NAD C658 Review - Masterful digital blackbox
Conclusion. The NAD C658 ranks midway between the company’s regular no-nonsense models and the more polished Masters high-end range. No expense has been spent on the exterior design, but it is well stocked with advanced solutions inside the cabinet
4 months ago
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IOTAVX SA3 vs Yamaha A-S301
I've had it for 3 years now with zero issues. I've also added 2 pa3's, a miniDSP 4x10HD, and a Node 2i. The sa3, node 2i, and miniDSP are now residing in the living room being used by my son as I replaced those with the NAD C658. The sa3 images and soundstages well.
NAD C658 Streaming DAC & C298 Amp Review - The Absolute Sound
It was truly a full-range system with a terrific bottom end, a quality that’s very difficult to achieve without spending a lot more money. Conclusion. The C658 and C298 can serve as the heart of a capable and powerful music system
4 months ago
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NAD C 658 Review
Currently, NAD offers an HDMI 4K module, the MDC HDM-2, at a price of 329 Euro. It also fits into the first devices ever equipped with this technology, the NAD models T165, T765, T775 and T785, all of them AV processors and receivers.It would be more than unfair to put the NAD in direct comparison with the highest-priced competitors, but it is still absolutely remarkable how much audiophile spirit NAD has managed to pour into the C 658
4 months ago
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Number of Optical Inputs


Frequency Range

Up to 844k- Hz


22k- ohms


2 V