MYSTERY RANCH Scree 32 Pack - Women's

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Looks great on first take!
I'll start by saying I just picked this pack up after waiting for it to hit the market for several weeks. It will be taking the place of several other packs that collectively haven't been getting much use. My observations are based on appearances out of the box; I'll add additional comments after a ...
snow hare
4 years ago
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Great company with great products, this one isn't it...
Mystery Ranch has some great products and their customer support has been very helpful but this bag is average at best! Shocked on all the positive reviews. The material is very thin and the bag has WAY too many straps and things hanging off the bag that just make it annoying and most are useless. I...
Jason Burke
1 year ago
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Mystery Ranch Scree Backpack Series Review
These are the men's and women's scree, 32 packs from mystery ranch great for demanding day hikes, lightweight, overnights or even travel abroad. These packs offer mystery ranches well-respected durability and their iconic 3-zipper design. Let's check out the details
7 months ago
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Great all around bag
Great bag. I purchased this for longer hike days and rock climbing days. It hold a LOT of stuff. For rock climbing days I can comfortably pack 2 helmets, warm layers, snacks, and at least 3L water, with room to spare. It is comfortable to wear and love the convenient zipper placement, would recommen...
1 year ago
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Versatile backpack with some minor shortcomings.
Pockets, pockets, pockets! If you're looking for a backpack that gives you ample organization capabilities, this would be perfect! It has two outside pockets that were big enough to hold either two bear sprays or one Nalgene water bottle. Not to mention the inside and waist/hip pockets gave extra ro...
Charles C.
1 year ago
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Happy with this pack!
Just bought this pack and went out hiking in the Escalantes National Monument in Utah. The trails were sometimes challenging and took us over miles of rock terrain, and back and forth creek crossings. The pack fit perfectly, is light, and narrow so that even when loaded on each side with a water bot...
J Can
1 year ago
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Quality female specific backpack with great adjustability.
I really like this Scree 32 backpack from Mystery Ranch. This is my introduction to the Mystery Ranch brand and I am really impressed. This daypack is very comfortable to wear. I really like that Mystery Ranch makes a women's backpack line. This Scree 32 backpack is female specific and offers a spec...
1 year ago
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Just bought my wife a scree 32 and it is awesome to say the least. Mystery Ranch makes the best packs out there.
9 months ago
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Great Ideas, Lackluster Execution
I really really wanted to love this bag. I think the materials are top notch, the Del Mar color is beautiful, and the three zip design is really ideal. However, this bag fails where it matters most: comfort and weight carrying. Some people seem to love this bag, so maybe it just fits them better, or...
Harry and the Hendersons
1 year ago
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Excellent day pack!
Bought for fiancé as a bday gift right before trip to GNP! She loved it. Perfect size and fit day hiking gear, water, food. Comfortable and sturdy back support and straps. She thought the waistband was comfortable as well. Elastic straps on the front were handy to secure trekking poles. I used an MR...
1 year ago
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26 x 14.5 x 11 inches


3 lbs. 1.6 oz.


32 liters


2 + main compartment