Moonman T1

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  • Great for the price
  • Well built
  • Looks great
  • Nice piston filling mechanism
  • Good grip and balance


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Satisfactory for pricing point
I took a chance on the Moonman TI fountain pen and, at first glance, am glad I did. The reason I say "take a chance" is because it doesn't show up on any "best of" lists in comparison to a pen like the TWSBI Eco, a competitor. This review is based on first use so I can't comment right now on long-te...
2 years ago
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Review: Moonman T1 Fountain Pen | Comfortable Shoes Studio
Perhaps I should have tested the pen with a lesser ink but I have to say, this pen feels pretty good with a few little issues. The nib is stiff and with my heavy hand bounces a bit. I’ve been using it on some pretty rough composition book paper that is better with pencil than fountain pen and thought drags a bit, it feels pretty good
I engraved my Moonman T1 and couldn’t be happier with the results!
The Moonman T1 is a fantastic pen for price. When they announced the aluminium version at the end of 2019, I knew that it would become a favourite quickly.
1 year ago
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Moonman T1 Aluminum Piston Filler
At nearly 28g posted, it's also pretty heavy. No clip - People who want to carry this in a shirt pocket don't have a clip. Overall impressions I wasn't too sure what to think of the Moonman T1 when it was first released
4 months ago
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Moonman T1 Fountain Pen Green - The Pen World
Description Additional information Reviews (0) Moonman is a new age fountain pen brand that makes great looking pens at amazing prices. These pens are very well built and are designed by fountain pen enthusiasts.
4 months ago
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A Fantastic Pen especially for the price!
This is a wonderful pen for many reasons. The Moonman T1 has a wonderful screw on cap, 2.5 turns about does it. The piston fill system is really nice and fills the chamber completely. I enjoy the clear demonstrator window as one can see the color of ink and how much remains. This pen hods a TON of i...
Artimus Freeman
3 years ago
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Best fountain pen for daily use?
Moonman T1 or TWSBI Eco are good starters for piston fillers. Inking them up is no more complicated than a cartridge converter pen. They'll keep going for quite a long time. With the clear barrel, monitoring the ink level is a piece of cake.
1 year ago
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Piston knob broke on first cleaning - BUT THEY REPLACED THE PEN
While cleaning out the pen after first fill, which requires repeated fill/empty with clean water, the piston knob broke off completely (see photo). I have and use other piston fillers, so the failure was not due to me not knowing how to use the pen. Before it broke, I found the design pleasant and t...
R. Earl
2 years ago
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Broke in half - I'd been warned this could happen. Get a TWSBI instead!
After I ordered my Moonman pen, I posted about it on a group for fans of fountain pens. Immediately, I was warned by a lot of people that this pen would likely break, even if I was very careful with it. Well, tonight, this happened. It broke (the nib and tip of the pen is stuck inside the cap) and i...
A Person
2 years ago
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Good cheap pens?
Moonman T1 brass is a chonk. I like their fine and medium nibs, but they accept lots of others for swaps
6 months ago
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