Missha Artemisia Treatment Essence

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  • Great for sensitive skin
  • Helps to brighten up your complexion
  • Reduces hyper pigmentation
  • Repairs damage
  • Jump starts your skin care routine


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Good for sensitive skin!!
My skin is very sensitive and it gets irritated very easily. This essence calms the irritated skin nicely and provides enough hydration as a first step of face treatment. I absolutely in love with this essence and I highly recommend for sensitive skin. However, pls make sure you test on your chin ar...
Brandi S.
3 years ago
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[Review] My Skincare Collection + Mini Reviews in Comments
I freaking love the smell so much, I wish I could stick my nose in it forever. But yeah that's about it lol. This doesn't do anything for my skin. Doesn't moisturize or hydrate really.
Reviews of my latest skincare haul!
Starting this up again gave my skin a radiant glow and brightens things up. I had a hormonal acne breakout last year that left really bad pigmentation and I would apply a cotton pad soaked with this on problem spots for 5 mins every night and wow my spots cleared up fast! A must have for me, this is my 3rd bottle.
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Loved this!
Love this product for my skin! K Beauty at it’s best!
2 years ago
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Big-sized skincare!
The ONE THING Houttuynia Cordata doesn't soothe quite as well as the Missha Artemisia Essence but it's a lot better for my wallet lol. - Skin Aqua UV Super Moisture Essence (80g).
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[Discussion] Best First Treatment Essence you've tried?
I tried a hand at using a FTE after much consideration and bought the Missha Artemisia Treatment Essence as my first foray into the category, and man was I floored at how much it's done for my skin in such a short period of time. It refined my pores and made them look smaller, helped everything I put on top of it absorb better (something none of the toners I've tried ever did) and gave this glowy blurring effect on my skin that I never thought was possible. Thing is, I'm not sure if it's also the culprit for the hives I've been getting lately (hard to explain, I have a lot of weird unknown allergies, getting them checked soon).
I am a guy with oily/combo skin, and I would describe my skin as sensitive at times. I went through my I'm From Mugwort Essence about a month ago, and I wanted to add another essence. Based on several other reviews, I decided to try the Missha this time instead of I'm From, and I am SUPER happy to r...
3 years ago
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I've also tried the missha artemisia first essence and the I'm from mugwort essence and neither worked for me, so I was doubtful that this would, but the value seemed pretty good for the price so I decided to try it, and I'm glad I did! My hormonal acne does look calmer, but where this really shines for me is irritation reduction. After around an hour of using this, I notice that the irritation I often get on my cheeks has reduced significantly. If this continues, I will definitely repurchase.
very moisturizing. love this product.
5 months ago
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[Discussion]What are your favourite serums/essences that ACTUALLY caused a difference to your skin?
Missha Artemisia first essence. It's a blessing for my eczema prone skin. Soothing af. It's not the most hydrating but nothing soothes my angry skin like this artemisia essence.


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