Microsoft Surface Pro 7

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  • Made for Windows 10
  • Powerful 10th generation Intel Core processor
  • Long lasting battery life
  • USB C port
  • Type cover included


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- Surface Pro 7 with type cover. - Pixel 4a - Google Fi is great for the international coverage, I also like that the pixel can use an esim and a physical sim, so if I need a local number I can pick up a sim card and still use Fi.
First Look: macOS Monterey Public Beta
I would be very happy if there were a version of Snow Leopard with security updates.For laptops, I've decided to go back to Windows after 15 years of using Macs; I replaced my 2013 MacBook Air with a Microsoft Surface Pro 7 running Windows 10. I'm happy with the purchase; the Surface Pro 7 is an excellent tablet, and Windows Subsystem for Linux has made using Windows more pleasant for me since I spend a lot of time in the terminal.
Apple Silicon Discussion Thread: MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and Mac mini
I've pushed it hard today and obviously zero noise, barely any heat and it's as fast as my gaming PC, and absolutely runs rings around my Surface Pro 7 (which has now gone back to MS). It's incredible.
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Microsoft did well with this
I have an ipad, android tablet and PC desktop. I wanted to get a Windows based system I could carry around, had a usb port and ran all Microsoft Office/SQL Server products. Plus I wanted to run some heavy graphics video games. I got everything I wanted with this. This did not disappoint! I was first...
Paul A. Kohn
1 year ago
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The Pros, Cons and Oks for the Surface Pro 7 (HR).
Pros: • USB-C, Finally! As a past Surface Pro user, this was never a feature. With a USB-C, like any computer, you can do so much more with this device now. From headphones to connecting external 4k monitors, to charging this and other devices (USB-C chargers are 10x cheaper to get), to even connect...
Honest Reviewer
3 years ago
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My Review after using Macbook Pro M1 for two weeks as an Android/Flutter Developer.... it sucks!
Everything is like butter. This laptop handles everything I throw at it, and not once has it lagged, or stuttered.
GNU/Linux tablet?
There has been a lot of work done to get Linux running on Microsoft Surface tablets, check out /r/surfacelinux for info.
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Removable SSDs, built-in LTE, and a familiar design
5 hours on the original Surface Pro 7. I haven’t noticed any drastic improvements in battery life during normal usage, though.
Tom Warren
6 months ago
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If you're a content owner of a Surface Pro 5 or Surface Pro 6, then there is little reason to upgrade to the Surface Pro 7. It's tough to recommend Microsoft's latest iteration when it offers the exact same display as the two-year old Surface Pro 5 and roughly the same CPU performance as the Surface Pro 6 Core i7.
Allen Ngo
6 months ago
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Does anyone know of a Windows keyboard that looks similar to the Apple Magic keyboard? I’m having trouble finding one from a reputable brand
I think Microsoft Surface keyboard/ Logitech Craft are the ones you are looking for.
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Intel Core i7

Intel Core i5



Intel UHD Graphics G1

Intel Iris Plus Graphics G7



12.3”, 3К (2736 x 1824)


up to 1000GB SSD