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Merrell Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots

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These don't last!
Usually, I love Merrell Hiking boots. With my last pair I hiked the grand canyon three times! This pair has been a tremendous disappointment only because after 3 weeks of daily use as a K9 Handler the right boot inside toe started ripping, stitching is coming out and had to use Shoe Goo to repair th...
Amazon Customer
4 years ago
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Anyone has experience with these Tempo Flex Waterproof Hiking Trainer Boots from keen? Is it a good beginner boot for camping/hiking?
I hiked over 500 miles of the AT this year and I reccommend Merrell Moab's. They make waterproof and not. It is hands down the most comfortable hiking shoe I have ever worn.
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Best Hiking Boots of 2022 - GearLab
The Merrell Moab 2 Mid Waterproof is a comfortable and affordable hiking boot that feels good right out of the box. Testers were blister-free over dozens of miles, and the arch support is some of the best in the category. The insole and EVA midsole provide excellent cushioning, and the padded tongue...
5 months ago
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Poor durability. Extremely poor durability.
I have a pair of these I purchased a year ago from a sporting goods store. They proved to be very durable and comfortable but a bit on the small side. In those I had hiked well over 400 miles and perhaps worn 50% off the tread. Other than them being a bit small, fit and construction was stellar. I r...
4 years ago
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CAUTION: NOT Waterproof. Sole Separation in under 100 miles.
NOT waterproof. I hiked about 40 miles around the Teton Crest Trail when it was raining on and off, and this boot gets flooded within 2-3 hours. I had wet feet and socks all 5 days on the trail and it was miserable. To top it all off, the outer sole has separated from the rest of the boot after less...
5 years ago
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I own a pair of Merrell Moab waterproof boots that up until recently have performed well on all of the hikes I've done - until I took them to the Tetons and Yellowstone last week, and came to the realization that the foot bed is *way* too hard and unforgiving for comfort on anything remotely hard or rocky for prolonged periods (at least on my feet). I live in the Midwest and most of my hikes have been on relatively forested, "squishy" trails, so I hadn't experienced much of this discomfort before.
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Only so-so water resistance. Very comfortable.
Size: I wear 10.5 or 11 depending on the brand, and these are definitely 11 on my foot. Similar sizing to Nike sneakers. If you're between two sizes, I would recommend the larger. They are snug but not tight around the foot, and the toe box is big enough. Spot on. Comfort: I don't have a ton of expe...
5 years ago
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and need something that can hold up to being rained on for like 8+ hours non stop while stepping in water and ...
These things kick butt. I work in the rain a lot, and need something that can hold up to being rained on for like 8+ hours non stop while stepping in water and all the rest. These things have gotten so wet I could swear they would let water through but they have not yet. I also ride my motorcycle wi...
Dana Rocco Macri
5 years ago
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I have Merrell hiking boots (I think the Moab 2 Mid Boots) that I like but am looking into trail runners for a long distance hike. I always see everyone talking about Altras but I’m not interested in the zero drop and figure I may be more comfortable with Merrell since it’s what I’m used to.
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Received potentially counterfeit product.
Product I received was likely counterfeit. Instead of the "M Dry Select" metal gem that should've been sewn into each boot, it only said "waterproof". I called Merrell customer support upon seeing this, and they confirmed that their waterproof shoes should always have "M Dry Select" stitched to the ...
3 years ago
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