McIntosh MC275

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  • Original McIntosh MC275 stereo tube power amplifier is a thing of beauty
  • Massive MC275 power amplifier is in its sixth iteration


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The McIntosh delivers air and space, with accurate proportions and, above all, correct scale.Even with mono recordings, there was a greater sense of body, despite the lack of left-right differentiation. It allows the listener to hear layers, even in mono
4 months ago
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JBL L100 Classic review - My amateur review.
These are amazing speakers. I connected them to a Mcintosh MC275-V and they really came alive. Amazing sound stage, the woofer produces good bass but not enough to overpower the other drivers, just a nice balance. These speakers give you that feeling that you are watching the band live.
McIntosh MC275 Amplifiers user reviews : 4.3 out of 5 - 21 reviews -
The McIntosh MC 275 harks back to the days when audio engineers made something and asked, 'Is that pleasant? Do I feel the music instead of the sound?' They got the BIG PICTURE right and did not agonise over little details and took them to insane extremes.THe MC 275 is an amp for those who love music. [May 16, 2001] KC
4 months ago
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"Old" stereo, new locations. Update
The overall system sound in the new location is excellent, better than I was expecting, filled the room, great bass, definitely no need for external subs. Equipment: Preamp Mcintosh MC275, Preamp Primaluna 100, speakers JBL L100 classic, Turntable JA Michell Gyro with Jelco arm, and Dynovector XX2.
McIntosh MC275 VI Review - VintageSonics
The MC275 from McIntosh is a tube amplifier with a twist: it can storm into classic transistor power amplifier territory and throw the cat among the birds.
4 months ago
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McIntosh MC 275 Power Amp Reviewed - HomeTheaterReview
The 'new' MC275 is probably the coolest piece of hi-fi you can. actually buy today. Provided that you think a 1948 Indian Chief is the
McIntosh MC275 VI Power Amplifier and C22 Preamplifier - The Absolute Sound
The cool factor is way cool: Turn it on and the seven small tubes across the front light up, one after another, in a soft orange glow. Once they’re all lighted, a moment’s pause, then they turn green and you’re in business. I am referring to the latest iteration of what is widely and justly regarded...
Back to a full Pre-amp and amp setup. Love the sound of tubes. Very Natural sounding.
They sound amazing, giving the music a feeling of being in a "live" venue. A tube amp (Mcintosh MC275) and a tube preamp (prima luna D100 preamp) completed the setup. I couldn't be happier with the sound, warm, and still detailed.
McIntosh MC275 power amplifier
First, however, I received assurances from McIntosh that the cage was entirely for safety purposes, and that removing it wouldn't harm the sound.) The plating on the tube pins, once nickel, is now gold, and the ceramic output-tube sockets have heat chimneys that let cool air flow more freely from under the chassis, thus prolonging the life of the tubes—a McIntosh innovation that began with the MC275's fourth incarnation.
4 months ago
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Supported Formats

Supports DSD64, DSD128 & DSD256 files

Total Harmonic Distortion

0.005% maximum from 20Hz to 20kHz

Signal To Noise Ratio



8 Ohms