Marzocchi Bomber Z2

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  • Great for aggressive trail riding
  • Simple, reliable, and fantastic
  • Holds up well to abuse and still performs great after two years of use
  • Bike will accept a tapered steerer with the right headset
  • Slik Graphics mountain bike decal


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Top reviews

An excellent upgrade.
After the stock forks on my bike expired, I did some research, and as I'd had Marzocchis in the past, I decided to give these a go.
A great choice. Buttery smooth, and well priced.
2 years ago
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Fork upgrade for my 2022 trek marlin 6
the bike will accept a tapered steerer with the right headset.
i have a bomber z2 which has been fantastic. little more stiction then some of the higher quality models but half the price and provides great feel/traction and suppleness.
1 year ago
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The Marzocchi Bomber Z2 Sets the New Standard for Affordable MTB Forks [Review]
Two years ago, Marzocchi set me up with a new Bomber Z1 to check out, the re-emerging brand’s renaissance fork after Fox gave the angry M a shot of adrenaline to wake it up. Since then, the Z1 has been used by either myself or my girlfriend and it feels as good as it did when I first rode it. There ...
3 months ago
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Marzocchi Bomber Z2 Custom Decal Kit - Black Forks - Slik Graphics
Slik Graphics mountain bike decal kit designed for Black Marzocchi Bomber Z2 Forks.
Custom As Standard. It’s up to you! The Slik decal customiser is one of a kind and is built for you to explore your creativity. Colour match your bike, choose from custom patterns, or request a wild Pantone colour. ...
3 months ago
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Marzocchi Bomber Z2 Suspension Fork [Rider Review]
Final Thoughts. All that to say, the Bomber Z2 blows away all of the other budget forks I have ridden and even compares favorably to some more premium models that cost $200 more. It's heavier and not as adjustable as some of the top-tier options, but for a budget set and forget option I can't ask for more
3 months ago
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Trail Tested: Marzocchi Bomber Z2 - Mountain Biking Australia magazine
Overall, the Marzocchi Z2 represents great value for money.
3 months ago
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New Fork Advice
I have a bomber z2 on my hard tail. I've also had a pike, a 36, and now a lyrik on my FS. The z2 is perfectly adequate, but nothing special. It gets the job done.
7 months ago
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Review: Marzocchi’s 2020 Bomber Z2 fork shines when you bomb ‘er
How good of a fork can you get for $500? I’d say Marzocchi has answered that question with the 2020 Bomber Z2. As the little brother to the beefier Bomber Z1, the Z2 is intended for aggressive trail riding. I found the fork rode pretty well overall, but its strong point seems to be smoothly handling...
3 months ago
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150mm Z2
Holding lines in rocky, rutty stuff with this fork put a smile on my face. The combo of boost & 34mm pipes centered around a non dieting chassis makes this bomber shine.
'You get what you pay for' is relatve to this fork.
For it's price, you get open damper instead of cartridge. You get plastic ...
9 months ago
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First Look | We get our hands on the 2020 Marzocchi Bomber Z2 fork
The new Marzocchi Bomber Z2 isn’t here to bamboozle you with high-speed this, and low-speed that. Keeping things simple, the Bomber Z2 is designed to offer solid, honest performance and ease of adjustability, while still being loaded with the latest 2020 tech. But is the Z2 just a cheaper Fox fork? ...



100mm, 120mm, 130mm, 140mm, 150mm

Axle Type


Steer Tube Diameter

1.5” Tapered

Stanchion Diameter