Leatherman Free P2

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  • Easy to use and carry around
  • Versatile tool
  • Not as durable as other Leatherman tools


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What Mods would you make to the Geber Lockdown Drive?
Thow it in the trash and get the Leatherman Free T4 instead.
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Wasn't sure but bought anyway
I wasn't sure about getting the Free P2 because of some poor review on it regarding sharp protrusions but decided to get it anyway. Turns out these aren't sharp at all and wouldn't have noticed if it hadn't been mentioned. I have small hands but have mastered opening the pliers, knife and screwdrive...
3 years ago
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What EDC item will stay with you for life??
I feel like I found the perfect edc multitool for myself in the Leatherman Free P2. I only got it 4 months ago, but I no longer carry any other multitool in my collection, nor do I feel the need to shop around for any new tools.
1 year ago
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BEST Leatherman Tool to date
The P4 is outstanding. Leatherman killed it with this new Series. Love that Leatherman is an American company that backs the products with a 25 year warranty.
Tim F
2 years ago
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The Leatherman Free P2: The Foundation for Future Multitools | Gear Institute
The new Leatherman Free P2 Multitool — photo: Nick Lefort For a real knife and tool-hound like myself, the anticipation for the new Leatherman “Free” series of multitools was almost too much to bear. After all, I’ve known “a new and revolutionary” tool series was coming from Leatherman for three yea...
Leatherman Free P2 Review | Carryology
Announced near the end of January this year, the Leatherman Free line represents the most extensive product launch in the company’s 35-year history and the biggest introduction of new learning and technology since the original PST (Pocket Survival Tool). My first multi-tool was a Wave that I purchas...
What EDC items do you regret acquiring?
Leatherman Charge+ TTI. $180 for a tool I never once carried because it's too damn big and the s30v blade had lockrock. Another was the Leatherman Free P4. Cost almost as much as the Charge TTI, but the toolset was gawdawful.
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Leatherman’s New Magnetic Multi-Tool Is Out Now
Earlier this year, Leatherman revealed details about its innovative new collection of multi-tools, the Free Collection, and the first of them, the P Series, just came out. The Free P2 and P4 are multi-tools you’ll recognize; pliers are the central implement (hence the “P” moniker), and a suite of ot...
This multi tool is perfect
This multi tool is perfect and exactly what I was looking for, it's my edc
Zachary M.
2 months ago
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Significant Upgrade from Leatherman Wave II
Slick one-handed operation, locking blades, no more hurt fingernails. This thing looks and feels great in the hand. A significant update from Leatherman Multitools of old - and my favorite to date. Better than skeletool and traditional multitools.
1 month ago
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