Kenmore 200 Series BC4002

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  • Great for quick and easy changing from powerhead to hard floor head
  • Low profile can get under the bed
  • This is a great vacumn
  • Power is great
  • Handle changes length with the touch of a button


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Poor quality - disappointed in Kenmore
We have always owned Kenmore vacuums and have found them to be excellent quality, but this time we ordered a less-expensive model, since it is just the 2 of us now, not a houseful of kids with daily vacuuming. The cheaper quality was obvious - more plastic, very lightweight. While I expected that, I...
2 years ago
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This product sucks excuse the pun
The hardwood floor head does not get the edge or corners. If the mess is not directly in front of the head and in front of the wand it will not suck it up. If you take the head off it actually does better but not by much. Would I recommend this vacuum to my friends and family? Absolutely not. I've h...
Kindle Customer
2 months ago
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What did you get, thinking it would be BIFL, but it ended up NOT being BIFL at all
Got a Kenmore refrigerator and it was a lemon. After months of service calls, they finally replaced it. Ugh.
Light weight, but complicated wand use
Got this for my mom who is 90 but very healthy and with it. We had a terrible time manipulating the telescoping wand because you have to use a foot lever and a hand lever to release the wand. It is not efficient, and certainly not for someone who might have balance or strength issues.
3 years ago
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Why is getting so expense? I bought it 2 months ago, before the padamia, and it doesn't have nothing to do with it..and your people just increased 40% in month..why? Just because people now are cleaning their houses, wasn't supposed to be opposed?. It be more affordable for anyone ?...
marcone de morais
2 years ago
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Kenmore 200 Series HEPA Bagged Cannister Vacuum BC3002 [Walmart Exclusive]
Hey everyone! So about a week ago I received my Walmart Spark Reviewer product which is the Kenmore canister-backed vacuum. So this is the first time I've ever had a canister vacuum and it's also the first time I've ever had a bagged vacuum. All of my vacuums have always been the upright backless vacuums so we'll see how I like this or not
NYC Gal Out
1 month ago
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A good vacuum for the price.
Really nice power head works great on all floors. Would like a better floor head though. This little one doesn't rotate and is hard to get into small spaces in between furniture.
Deborah K
3 years ago
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BIFL Sewing Machine?
Get a vintage with all metal parts! I have a 70s Kenmore (158 model) that's performing great
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So far so good !
So far so good! Suction well, pet hair gets picked up easy and you can easily go from carpet to floor and vacuum the whole house fast.
Jesus A Lopez
2 years ago
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New Kenmore 200 Series Canister Vacuum
99 and it's actually pretty good. That's pretty good deal because then you're getting six bags again.
1 month ago
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