Kelty Cosmic Down 20

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  • Great for backpacking, travel, or car camping
  • Well-loved bags are known for their cost-effective performance
  • Kelty Cosmic Down 20 is a mummy bag and fits people of all sizes
  • Zipper fell apart and Kelty replaced it
  • Spent the night in the pouring rain


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​​Kelty Cosmic Down Sleeping Bag | Review - Outdoors Magic
Why We Chose It: Excellent value, solid performance, responsibly-sourced down and PFC-free fabrics. Though Kelty isn’t quite so well known in the UK, across the pond it’s one of the biggest outdoor brands in the US – right up there with global mega-corps like Patagonia, Columbia and The North Face. Kelty is best known for its range of rucksacks and tents, but their sleeping bags are also highly regarded, particularly for budget-conscious adventurers
3 months ago
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r/Ultralight - "The Weekly" - Week of April 11, 2022
Upgrading from a cheap Kelty Cosmic down 20 bag that's more realistically a 35° bag. **- Need by date:** Early August JMT start date, earlier preferred to allow for shakedown hikes. **- Baseweight:** \~12 lbs without bear can. **- Location/s of use:** JMT, Sierras, SoCal, eventually PCT.
Great quality for price and Kelty honors repair warranty, fantastic
New update: The zipper fell apart, and I contacted Kelty and sent the bag in for repair (shipping at my expense) and four weeks later I received the bag back (shipped at their expense) totally repaired and good as new. They stand by their warranty and their workmanship. Happy I got this bag. Edited ...
3 years ago
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Kelty Cosmic 20 Degree Series Review
Today we're checking out Kelty's line of cosmic 20 degree sleeping bags. These reliable, well-loved bags are known for their cost-effective performance, which is versatile enough for backpacking, travel, or car camping.
3 months ago
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I’m 6’6” and it fits!
Great mummy bag. I’m 6’6” 240 (athletic build) and this fits me great. Even a little room at the feet. I can definitely stay warm and sleep comfortably in this!
2 years ago
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My only previous experience is with the Kelty Cosmic 20, which I have slept in Norway in August, temperatures down to 0 Celcius most nights, and always with my down jacket. Although I'm usually cold when I first get into the bag (probably because I'm not moving beforehand, and hence the down jacket), I'm quite warm and toasty by the morning. Sorry I don't have my lighterpack ready yet to share other aspects of my pack system!.
A great down bag; Regular size fits 6'2"... just.
After experiencing some cheaper down bags (and returning them for various reasons), I decided to spend the extra money on a known brand and be done with it. Trying to save ounces and space, I was frustrated to see that at 6'2" I was solidly into "long" territory and would have to order the heavier, ...
2 years ago
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Preparing for motocamping. Wanted to test out the gear in my backyard first.
Not super small but I would make room for it camping. Kelty Cosmic Down sleeping bag. This bag did well.
Mummy, it's pretty tight across the chest
I never really used the bag because it was too tight across the chest. I go the long size but it was still very slender. I'm a bigger dude, but not fat. I could hardly move my arms in front of my chest to unzip the zipper. If you're skinny as a beanpole, sure, get it. But if your a decent sized dude...
3 years ago
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Not the lightest, but by far the best value
I've used this bag on 3 different nights so far backpacking. While it's not the lightest (the long weighing just under 3 pounds), it's light enough and compressible enough and most importantly warm enough. The coldest I've used it in is 28F and I was warm and cozy from head to toe. The other 2 night...
C. Howell
2 years ago
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