KEF LS50 Wireless II

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  • Great for the price
  • Amazing sound quality
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Good app, but not great
  • Remote is not very responsive


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Five star sound, three star interface
The sound is awesome, especially from such a small package, but the volume on the remote is not very responsive, (it seems to have a mind of its own) and the app really sucks. It’s what makes the overall package good, but not great. As sound is my main concern, I’d say they are worth the money. Hope...
2 years ago
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Feels good and I don't care if my girlfriend puts her cup on one of the speakers anymore. They're just speakers.
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Some issues to keep in mind
I should say that I am a long term audio nut with a strong penchant for separates. Nonetheless, technology has evolved and this product has gotten glowing reviews (no surprise) from the youtube know it alls. I was looking for convenience and good to excellent sound quality. I did not get the latter ...
2 years ago
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I know this is a headphones subreddit....
I think speaker-wise the KEF LS50 sounds the closest to the Focal Clears. Of course the speakers have much more realistic sense of scale and bottom end. Both the Clears and LS50s gravitate towards to Neutral-Warm side of things, which is my preferred sound signature. Quarantine has become slightly more bearable thanks to these.
KEF LS50 Wireless II
The small KEF wireless speakers are a big step forward for better wireless stereo sound. They can play more than a sufficiently loud, but even more importantly, they do so with control and finesse. LS50 Wireless II is among the most usable and user-friendly speaker sets you can have in the living room, and the size is so furniture-friendly that everyone can accomodate a pair
4 months ago
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My home office/recording studio. A fun room!
These are the results!. I'm a full-time product reviewer, so most of the gear in the photo (anything besides music gear, really) are review units. Currently rocking the new JBL 4309 (atop my fave speakers of all time, the Forte II, and alongside a pair of powered KEF LS50 II that I really like as well).
KEF LS50 Wireless II Powered Speakers Review
The LS50 Wireless II sounds ridiculously good: timbrally honest, spatially precise, and dynamically capable. And for a speaker roughly the size and weight of a serious one-volume dictionary (remember those? ), it is ridiculously extended, producing usable, clean, and reasonably dynamic bass to about 45Hz or so—adequate for most musical genres and for most listeners.
4 months ago
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Better amplication, worse connectivity for many.
Much better amplification with each speaker using a bi-amp'd system - class AB for the tweeter, class D for the woofer... but in a failed move, they removed the USB "B" port from the previous generation. You can no longer use these as your PC/Laptop's DAC. They also removed the unbalanced RCA L/R an...
Lesko Brandon
2 years ago
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Warm Winter Bedroom 🌬️❄️
Hearing the panning of drums seemingly move across the room feels like you could almost follow the drummer's hands. Granted the only other bookshelf speakers I've demoed in this price range were the KEF LS50's, but I much prefer these as female vocals, acoustic guitar, metal, and all things jazz are incredible and lack any significant brightness that tends to fatigue my ears quicker.
KEF LS 50 Wireless II Review
It is simply fun!The sound is rich, detailed and with a lively joy of playing. It also has an extremely smooth and dynamic flow, but always stays balanced without adding artificial effects. This active LS 50 in its second generation literally takes the listener along with it and makes yours ears virtually addicted to it while doing so
4 months ago
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