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Great improvement in sound quality with Jico SAS stylus
Diminishes sibilance and surface noise
Compatible with a wide range of tonearms and turntables
Lasts longer than most cheaper options
Relaxed quality that makes listening to LP's enjoyable
Not as detailed as some other cartridges in its price range
May not live up to the "high-performance audiophile" label given by Shure
Tracking may not be as good as stock stylus on worn vinyl with Jico SAS stylus


Overall, the Jico SAS stylus is highly recommended by many reviewers as an upgrade for the Shure M97xE cartridge. It is praised for its superior audio quality and ability to diminish sibilance and surface noise. While the Shure cartridge itself is generally well-regarded, some reviewers note that it may not live up to the "high-performance audiophile" label that Shure gives it. However, with the addition of the Jico SAS stylus, many users report a significant improvement in sound quality. It is noted that there are cheaper aftermarket stylus replacements available, but these are generally considered to provide inferior audio quality compared to the Jico SAS or genuine Shure stylus.


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