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  • Great for those who are emotionally connected to the watch's history
  • Clean, clear, legible and easy to wear
  • A great looking watch with a lot of history that resonates with
  • Evolves over time as the owner's collection grows
  • Super accurate movement


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A Week On The Wrist: The IWC Mark XVIII
I'm definitely not a pilot, but I like my pilot's watches to be a little window into a world whose authenticity I have to appreciate from the back seat, so to speak, and I'm very pleased that the Mark XVIII lets me, just a little bit, feel like I'm in the cockpit rather than behind a desk. The IWC Mark XVIII is 40 mm x 11 mm with a soft iron dial and inner case for magnetic resistance.
20 days ago
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[IWC] My first luxury watch purchased with my salary
After browsing through innumerable listings I decided on the IWC Mark XVIII Pilot’s watch, what most appealed to me was is its understated aesthetic. The watch has a classic tool watch design, with a sleek 11mm profile. After keeping my eye out for a while I came across an ‘unworn’ Mark XVIII on Chrono24 and the price was just right.
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[Seiko Prospex Speedtimer] Would love to hear your thoughts on this one!
That’s a great looking watch. I’m trying to save for a Mark XVIIi but I keep finding seikos I want lmao.
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[SOTC] Current State of my Multibrand Collection
\- 2019: **Timex Q**, fell for the hype back then and was lucky to get one of the firsts; don't wear it much, but like it as an alternative to the G-Shock when I'm on vacation and don't want to worry about my watches getting stolen or sandy on a beach. \- 2019: **Nomos Metro 38 Datum**; wanted to have a Nomos for a long time and bought this one to wear at my wedding, but ended up wearing the Omega... still a great fan of Nomos, but I don't wear the Metro too often, might flip this one soon. \- 2020: **IWC Mark XVIII**, had wanted this one for a long time, it was actually the biggest competition to the Speedmaster back in 2017; finally got it last year, wore it daily for all of 2020; love the versatility and the bracelet.
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[SOTC] For the next decade
**IWC Mark XVIII Petite Prince** \- this is my most recent pick up and currently my daily. I work in a hospital and for the most part like to fly under the radar with my watch obsession around colleagues. I find the date function crucial during the work week, and the legibility on this watch is truly second to none that I’ve worn.
[IWC] Mark XVIII, my daily “under the radar” watch
Very nice watch with a super accurate movement, nevetheless, after wearing Omega for a almost a year I decided to follow my gut feeling and swap it for Mark XVIII. Never looked back ever since. Sometimes we get carried away by comparing specs, reading reviews, looking for top5, top10 etc., so just a reminder to all of us, especially the ones new to this beautiful hobby, to buy what you really like. You will never regret!.
Owner Review: IWC Mark XVIII (18) Pilot Watch
Then when the light strikes in the right way, a thin, high polished ring reveals itself around the dial. It’s sublime. Review Breakdown Quality 0% Style 0% Value 0% Wearability 0% Tags: Mark XVIII (IW3270)Review
20 days ago
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[IWC & Seiko] 2 watch collection
This is my 2 watch collection that consists of IWC Mark XVIII and Seiko SPB105J1 aka baby MarineMaster. IWC is the watch that I use daily for the last few month and I could not be happier. I previously used to own Omega Aquaterra (2017 version with blue dial) and whist it is a great watch, I felt it has got too much bling... IWC has super comfortable fully brushed bracelet, clasp with micro adjustments, very nice proportions (40mm, 11mm thick and 50 lug to lug), excellent finishing and overall is an excellent watch for someone who is intending to stay a bit under the radar.
[SOTC] Variety is key
Form left to right:. IWC Mark XVIII with textile beige strap - wears larger due to the long lugs but it's second to none in terms of legibility.
[IWC] I need advice
Hi everyone,. I recently started growing an interest for the IWC Pilot Watch Mark XVIII Heritage with the titanium case and brown leather strap, shown in this post. I find it a smooth casual watch which may be worn in various occasions.
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