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  • Great for small dust and hair
  • Powerful enough to pick up larger debris
  • Cordless design is convenient
  • Hoover offers a free return label if you don't like it
  • Battery life is 1 hour per battery


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Corded Upright Performance & Cordless Convenience
The media could not be loaded. I have owned many cordless & corded vacuums including Oreck uprights and this unit is by far my favorite. This Hoover is a perfect purchase for anyone looking for a "traditional upright" form, but the power of a corded upright. The 2 batteries included make it possible...
Subarus & Vacuums
2 years ago
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Powerful but battery does not last long
Have extra batteries and you will be happy. This thing works great!
Russell Vales
8 months ago
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Nice "quick pick up" vac
I really like this Hoover vac, even with its limitations. It isn't all that maneuverable and is for floors only so it can't vacuum every nook and cranny in your home. This machine won't serve as the only vacuum, at least not for me. I can use my corded bagged vacuum once a week or whenever needed to...
Witch Cheryl
4 months ago
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Glad this sub convinced me to return my Shark for this duo - Hoover Onepwr cordless HEPA and a Henry Petcare 160 :)
Nice, I'm a huge fan of my own ONEPWR HEPA. Super well executed as far as cordless vacuums go. With all this talk of the Henry Petcare on the subreddit, I'm also fighting the urge to add one to the collection.
What do you think of them so far?
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There's a trick to this...
UPDATE: After owning this vacuum for 6 months, I can confirm it out cleans my previous Shark Apex. We were worried that it might not be picking up as much dirt because it's cordless, I'm no longer worried. Every 6 months we also do a deep carpet clean with a rug doctor. Last week during the clean we...
Michael Cole
2 years ago
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All the right features
I've never been happier with a vacuum cleaner. Cordless with a bag - the perfect combination. The head is wide enough that it covers a good "swath" of floor with each push. I just end up in the room where I keep the second battery charging. WHen I finish that room, I swap batteries and it's ready fo...
Ted Blank
2 months ago
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HEPA exhaust filters are prevalent, but why aren't HEPA bags more common?
Direct air or dirty air machines like the Hoover Onepwr Hepa+ and Kirbys air and dirt go through the motor then into the bag. Since the bag is placed after the motor there is no need for an additional filter Hepa or otherwise but many direct/dirty air machines use their outer bag as an additional layer of filtration. As to why they don’t call all their bags Hepa is probably to simplify marketing.
First time in a new home, looking for a starting point vacuum
It’s not the best handling on hard floors but the brushroll shutoff won’t scatter or scratch. Parts are cheap and plentiful but use the Hoover Hepa bags because they filter best and will extend the life of the vacuum.
Not like my parents Hoover.
This contraption is a clunky beast. Pros: it does vacuum small dust and hair. Cons: Does NOT vacuum wool shag rugs. Actually turns off. Does NOT vacuum yoga mats. Actually turns off. Does NOT corner around small furniture, like nightstands. Does NOT reach beneath low furniture like beds that are abo...
1 year ago
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Battery powered Hoover vacuum
I like the vacuum cleaner. For a wireless vacuum the power is good but the unit came with damage on the power head - see picture I tried washing it with non abrasice cleaners but it did not remove the ink - or whatever it is.
Amazon Customer
2 months ago
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