Gym1 Power Fitness Package

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  • Great for all door frames
  • Sturdy and easy to install
  • Easy to use with a wide range of grip adjustments
  • Comes with helpful online video
  • Solid and durable


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Top reviews

Solidly decent, but short of great.
This is a decent product, but would have been great with some better industrial design. Goods: 1) Sturdily fits and adjusts nicely to all the doorframes in my home. With the pullup extender, all you really gain is a little clearance from the door frame and a wider array of grip adjustment, which is ...
7 years ago
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BTWB public tracks PSA
These tracks are all free to BTWB subscribers and are excellent for GPP. I think online programming is usually lacking in coaching, each one of these wods has a video brief going over the workout, the strategy, the movements and intended stimulus. It does not feel like they are just mailing it in and throwing a WoD on the wall with no guidance.
2 years ago
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Such an amazing product!
Such an amazing product!!! My two year old is a monkey. She's always been a bit freakishly strong for her age and when the new baby came, she was going stir crazy! I researched a few indoor playground options, and stumbled upon this. I ordered the rope, the rings and the ladder to go with the pull u...
8 years ago
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The gym to get
This gym is everything it claims and some. It is totally worth the extra premium it commands. That said, this are the only cons I have about this product. I am 6ft 2 and wish the pull-up bar was higher so that I can leave it installed in a doorway without grazing my head when I try to walk by withou...
7 years ago
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Best doorframe pull-up bar
Best doorframe pull-up bar! The side clamps make it very sturdy, I use the Gorilla Gym to hang gymnastics rings and am able to do dips, front levers, body rows, etc; right in my room! It is also quite easy to set up, takes about a minute to make sure its nice and secure. I was able to modify the Gor...
8 years ago
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Excellent home workout center!!!
Gorilla gym is an excellent addition to my home workout center. It arrived quickly and was easy to install. Along with a helpful online video, I was able to get it into my doorway in less than half an hour. And since I only rent the house, the best thing was it took no drilling or any other damage t...
9 years ago
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Surprisingly Sturdy!
I've been searching for sometime for the ultimate door frame chin up bar and believe me THIS is it! Material is not made of light weight plastic or hollow aluminum. This is a solid piece of equipment yet manageable enough where you can remove and install easily at any time. I'm a heavy guy and for o...
8 years ago
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runaway you'll get more excercise
horrible design with inferior material. The carrier bolt is supposed to attach to the main cross beam that's FREAKING PLASTIC.The points immediately strip out. What company doesn't have quality checks is beyond insane. go ahead and poke your eyes out with a ice pick and then buy this product!!!
7 years ago
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Can't believe i wasted money on other pull-up bars
Can't believe i wasted money on other pull-up bars. This is perfect. It does EXACTLY what the adverts say it does. Shocking! So sturdy, so durable. The bar's stability allows you to do so much more varied pull-up exercises (lateral movements!). And NO drilling into walls! The mini heavy bag is great...
8 years ago
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Set up my first home gym. Had to have as few pieces as possible as I was working with 10x14’ space.
I went with the maxum fitness all-in-one home gym. I can do a lot with it. Squats, bench, lat pull down, straight bar, pull ups, cables with 1:1 ratio and the ability to add weight plates if needed, land mine, smith machine, etc.
1 year ago
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Item Weight

5.9 Kilograms

Item Dimensions LxWxH

16 x 39 x 14 inches

Maximum Weight Recommendation

300 Pounds