GoRuck Radio Ruck

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  • Great for EDC
  • Durable, tough and water resistant
  • Comfortable for long periods of time
  • Very well made with quality materials
  • Price is a little high but worth it in the end


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New Goruck added to the collection today
Got my new Radio ruck in the mail today, and super happy with it. I really like the shortened height but with added depth. This one has the 1050d bottom, not sure how “rare” this one is but hopefully someone can let me know! Regardless, really like this shape and can see myself using this as a go to daily bag for the foreseeable future.
GORUCK Radio Ruck: the LEGEND Returns! Plus comparisons with GR1 and Rucker SMALL Frame
It is the quick and dirty on the radio, ruck goruck's original bag that uh before the gr1 and a comparable size, 21 liters, but again a little shorter frame without a frame sheet. So very nice bag not exactly like the gr1 little subtle differences. But if this is for you uh go check one out give this video a thumbs up and subscribe the channel, so you can see what's happening next, i'm gon na produce a few more videos on some of the goruck fleet of bags, comparing the geo one two And three, probably next, so you know what size is best for you, depending on what you're doing and what your goals are and how much gear you're carrying
JB Outside
5 months ago
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How is the goruck radio?
But I don't think it's well suited for people around 6 feet or taller. The straps feel like they pull up too much under my arms on account of the pack being too short for my 19" torso frame (it's not that it doesn't fit or is uncomfortable to wear it's just not as perfectly sized for someone of that height). On person well under 6 feet or with a shorter torso frame it would be a perfectly sized ruck. So my opinion of the Radio Ruck is that it is a GR1 26L sized for a person who is south of 6 feet.
GORUCK Radio Ruck 2021 Unboxing and first impressions!!
That means that this front pocket has a lot more space to live. So you end up see if i can show this to you, you end up with like feeling like this is tons and tons of space compared to the way the gr1 feels, and that was one of the reasons i was so excited to try this radio rock, Because it's something i noticed on the rocker, which has a similar idea, the rocker small frame, it's a bit fat and what happens is this front?
5 months ago
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30cm L x 17.5cm W x 49.5cm H