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GoPro Hero8 Black

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  • Made for action
  • Excellent image quality
  • Easy to use and set up
  • Stabilization is great
  • Mic adapter sometimes records and sometimes doesn't


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Top reviews

Scooped up the Hero8 Black the other day and went on a walk with the family last night. First actual test... time to see what it can do. No gimbal, just the camera and a short flexible tripod for grip slightly longer than the height of my fist.
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Don't buy
I purchased this camera and out of the box it wouldn't work. I spent over 8 hours and multple customer support sessions trying to get it fixed. Nothing, couldn't get it working. So then I tried to get a replacement camera since mine was not working. I was told no. I paid for a working camera, it arr...
Teresa Martin de Jel
3 years ago
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Too many issues.
Still freezes like gopro 7. Battery door literally falls off when opened too far. Mic adapter with external mic is hit and miss sometimes records sometimes doesn’t. Battery / Sd slot in one spot that the door has to be removed to use an external mic adapter leaving battery and card slot exposed to e...
3 years ago
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GoPro’s latest camera keeps it ahead of the pack
Overall, the Hero 8 Black is a worthy successor to the throne.
Brent Rose
7 months ago
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I am looking at upgrading from my Hero8 Black to the new Hero10, primarily for use in extremely cold temperatures while ice climbing & mountaineering. I have been extremely frustrated with the battery life of the Hero8 in cold temps... on my most recent trip, it was stored on a fairly well-insulated pocket in my camera bag and when I took it out and mounted it on my helmet, it died after \~30 seconds of filming at 2.7K 30fps. Temperature was only maybe 20-25F. Aside from the usual things on Google (keep it on inside pocket, use a waterproof case to insulate, etc.
GoPro Hero 8 Black: w/UPDATE !!!
How did GoPro ever release this POS??? First time I used it for any length of time (at a local winery where our favorite band was playing), the damn thing crashed and locked up with the screen freezing... MULTIPLE TIMES!! The power switch will NOT function, nor does the start/stop switch. AND, it th...
3 years ago
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Great Action Camera!
A lot of the reviews I see here are from previous GoPro users who are unhappy with their upgrade. I am a first-time GoPro user but come from a family of photographers and professionals. I personally can say I absolutely love the hero8. Stabilization from hypersmooth 2.0 is really near gimbal quality...
Chase W.
3 years ago
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My Hero8 batteries need a USB-C charge of 5v, 1a-2a. My Samsung phone came with a USB-C power delivery charger that puts out 5v, 3a. When I turn on the gopro, it says the batteries are 100%, but when they get down to 90%, they die. Did I burn out 90% of the battery by using more amps?
More like a GoPro 7s
This is more like a mid cycle refresh. Most of the selling point for this camera seems like can be achieved on the 7 black through a software upgrade. I mean they brought something new to the hardware department but took vital key elements. Yes, we gained a monumental move to foldable mount feet in ...
3 years ago
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The Nightmare Continues...
Yikes, I am attempting to return my Black since I upgraded to the Stealth. I hope this doesn't happen but yeah that is pretty inconvenient of them.




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