Gold Bond Friction Defense

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  • Great for sweaty workouts
  • Works well and keeps the friction at bay for 3+ hours
  • Doesn't have to be applied repeatedly throughout the day
  • Lasts longer than baby powder
  • If needed can be applied more than once


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Chub rub no more!
I bought this in April & now in June, I've come home from a fast-paced 15-minute walk in 84-degree heat & 50% humidity & NOW I can finally write this review. This stuff is amazing. I carry it with me so I can reapply as needed (maybe once or twice over the course of a day) & I can finally wear short...
3 years ago
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Titanfall II will be temporarily free-to-play on Steam starting RIGHT NOW through May 3rd 10am PT.
Everyones talking about the P2P but honestly Frontier Defense is the shit
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PSA to the Ladies with Thick Thighs
I used to wear Spanx under my dresses to avoid the dreaded thigh chaffing. BUT NO MORE. This stuff is a life saver in the heat and humidity. It completely stops chaffing and it is so light and soft, you don't even notice it on your skin. A couple swipes and you are set for a few hours in the heat. S...
Raunatta Wenner
4 years ago
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18 miles and what I've learned
Get some Gold Bond Friction Defense on Amazon (much cheaper than Body Glide) and apply generously. Oh, and congrats!
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Helped clear up that underboob color...
I bought this product after noticing a discoloration under my breasts (from bras and sweat) and found an article recommending this product. I cannot believe how well this worked! I thought it would just stop it from getting worse, but it actually helped lessen the tone dramatically! Ladies, do yours...
Amazon Customer
4 years ago
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What spooked you as a kid? Let's hear it...
X-Com: UFO Defense, 1993-ish, the appearance of a new alien that would merc my underprepaired squad. R.I.P. you brave space marines.
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BETTER than Body Glide
I've used Body Glide for years, but it has one drawback. If you use Body Glide and store it in a hot car, it turns to goo. Friction Defense works just as well, but doesn't melt. Bonus that it's cheaper! It's also sold in certain big box stores, so you're not forced to wait for Prime or go to some sp...
Brian Ruppel
5 years ago
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Good alternative to the Johnson & Johnson's Band Aid friction product
This product doesn't seem all that different from the J&J version of friction Band Aid. After reading all the reviews of the different alternatives, I just picked the Gold Bond. I use it for when I'm breaking in new shoes--primarily in trouble areas at my back heel and the areas around the top of my...
Tell it like it is to help ya'll out
5 years ago
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It works!
I tried the stick on my wedding day! And it was greatttt. No red thighs at the end of the night!
1 year ago
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Titanfall 2 is fun again thanks to new players from Steam
Yesss! think it was 2018 the last time I booted it up but man forgot how good Frontier Defense is, really hits all the right notes, horde mode, the music and hearing "Stand by for Titanfall" giving me goosebumps.
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