Gerber center drive

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Nice tool but very loose Center drive
Right out of the package the center drive is loose and floppy when extended. No big deal, bring it back and exchange it right? Nope... out of stock. Should have stayed with Leatherman.
Mr Cb
4 years ago
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Are people over "edc'ing" just to please this page? I won't ever understand the carrying of a multi-tool, a sak and a knife. I don't understand "Students" carrying pry bars, knives, and flashlights. I just don't get office workers carrying multi-tools.
The Gerber Armbar Drive is the most recent for me. But I don't like the whole "Postman, 17 (M)" followed by a Spyderco para 3, a Glock, 2 flashlights, a prybar, paracord, a titanium safe, an AR-15, a lock picking set, a whole ass terrarium with active wildlife, and a fucking hanky featuring harambe in heaven with Paul Walker.
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THE BEST MULTI TOOL ......GERBER YOU PASSED LEATHERMAN ......perfect.for HVAC TECH O MAINTENANCE WORKER LIKE ME... its a mix of mp600 and mp1 ...perfect zize of the blade every tool locks perfect ,nice pry bar ,the driver is the best first multi tool was the Leatherman wave .....then I buy ...
Rodrigo C.
6 years ago
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Crappy manufacturing on both Gerber's I received. Won't be buying another.
I've returned 2 of these Gerber's just this week. Crappy manufacturing on both. First came with the center drive head crooked. Would hold a bit but couldn't be used as a 1/4 driver. Amazon sent a replacement. 2nd one had the same crooked head so I figured I would just deal with it and grind it even ...
Duane S.
4 years ago
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GERBER nailed on this one!
Let me start out by saying that I have owned an older Gerber multi tool for a long time, I also just recently purchased a Leatherman Wingman, and a good friend of mine gave me a Swiss Army multi as well. Even tough all of them offer a multitude of functions and value, I have to say as of now this is...
6 years ago
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Just like other reviews the knife blade snapped off
Bought in December 2016. Just like other reviews the knife blade snapped off. 2-4 weeks for replacement?
Matt Nesbitt
5 years ago
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Bought a FREE p2 from a friend. I am thoroughly disappointed.
I’ve been enjoying the Gerber Center drive in my workshop tool. It’s too big to carry around but it’s robust for more constant use. In the end, my favorite Leatherman is my old no-date PST. It opens on handed too but that’s because it’s old.
Hvac tech Approved! UPDATED (not good)
Okay so I'm an hvac tech and multitools are a huge help from stripping wires to pulling spade connectors off rusted terminals. Long story short this thing rocks. I considered all the top Leathermans, SOGs and this took the cake. The bit driver is flat out amazing for a multi tool. I installed 2 wall...
Thomas C
3 years ago
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Leatherman Surge vs Gerber Center Drive
It came so tight I have to use other tools just to open it. No big deal call Gerber said in two week I’ll get a new one, amazing right? 6 weeks later I have 3 defective Center Drives and I’m out $130. With Gerber not have any quality control to catch defective tools and no good management to hold accountable lying employees they are no longer a company I can support.
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Center aligned bit driver is the best part of this tool
Waited until I carried this a while and got some experience with it before writing a review. Obviously the best part of this is the bit driver tool. Having it centered makes it easy to use. However these muti-tools are a compromise and do many things adequately but none better than a tool designed f...
5 years ago
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