Gaiam Performance Dry-Grip Yoga Mat

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  • Great for downward dog
  • Grips well in hot yoga
  • Lasts throughout both types of classes
  • Sweat is absorbed by the smooth black side
  • Top layer peels off after 10-15 uses


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after 3 months of using it (and taking good care of it) the top layer started to peel ...
after 3 months of using it (and taking good care of it) the top layer started to peel off. the attached photo shows what my back looks like after class. covered with the pieces of the mat. also it used to very nice and grippy at the begining but 3 months into the use it got slippery and requires a t...
7 years ago
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Still my favorite mat after five years
Best. Mat. Ever. It's very much like Lulu The Mat. But a bit smaller in size, lighter & more beautiful. Lulu's The Mat wears down so fast & this one doesn't. Much lighter than manduka. Thicker/comfier than jade harmony which previously was my favorite. The surface is very absorbent. The grip is amaz...
8 years ago
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My absolute favorite mat!
My absolute favorite mat! I do heated Vinyasa flow and Bikram yoga, and this mat lasts throughout both types of classes. Sweat seems to be absorbed by the smooth black side to a point where the area is slightly moist but still grippy. I never migrate forward during down dog, and can do transitional ...
Amazon Customer
8 years ago
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DEFECTIVE PRODUCT - Gaiam support admits this mat is defective
The top layer peels off after 10-15 uses of hot yoga. I contacted Gaiam customer support and they said this product is in fact defective and is currently being investigated by their quality control. I have no idea why they are still making it available for purchase. If you order it on Amazon and the...
6 years ago
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Best yoga mat that I've ever used (no slipping no matter how much I sweat)
tl;dr This yoga mat is really grippy and lets me stretch farther than I ever have before. I'm a male in my early thirties, and I do yoga (in particular, Yoga X from P90X) once per week. I sweat *a lot*. If I'm doing yoga in the spring/summer, then after half an hour, I'll have dripped sweat all over...
Douglas D Manley
4 years ago
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The ONLY Hot Yoga Mat!
Like some other reviewers I've tried a few other professional hot yoga mats like Manduka, Jade etc. and none of them were as functional as this Gaiam Dry Sol (and I use the XL 78" version in black). After years of sweating in hot yoga, this mat is hands-down the best you can buy. Again, the XL addit...
10 months ago
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Best no-slip but bubbling up after a month of use
UPDATE: I have changed my rating to one star. The first mat I ordered in December, and immediately loved it. Very non-slip for hot yoga. Best mat I've ever used. But about 6 weeks later, the top layer started to bubble up and separate from the bottom layer in spots. The bubbles got bigger and bigger...
kristen leslie
6 years ago
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It literally stinks
I had high hopes for this mat. After spending over an hour reading reviews on Amazon, I went with this one. I even purchased directly from the Gaiam seller rather than outside sellers to ensure the mat would be perfect. First off, right out of the box I noticed it had a flaw in it that looked like s...
R. Stoeffler
3 years ago
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Took my practice to the next level!
This is the perfect mat that I've been searching for!!! I've tried a ton of other brands but this is the best I've ever far! Totally took my practice to the next level!! This mat is great for down dog and down dog splits with no slipping and it's not too sticky where it hurts to slide you...
7 years ago
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Love this mat, but don’t leave it rolled up when wet
I do heated High intensity interval training and/or Bikram yoga 5-6 days a week. I hate using towels on the mats, I find they get in the way, so I needed a mat that is sticky when wet or dry. This mat is perfect! I sweat a lot, and the more I sweat the stickier it gets. I have never slipped on it. H...
1 year ago
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