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  • Great for couples
  • Watercolor motif is wonderful
  • Game is buggy
  • It does exactly as it describes
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Gaia Project App Review - Pixelated Cardboard
As someone who falls into the latter, the best I can do in this review is convey that the app gets all of the peripherals right.
Which games get better or worse when played competitively?
**Gaia Project** ​is much better at a competitive level with strong players because there is a lot of responsibility to set up the map by the person last in turn order; with less skilled players they don't really know how to create it in such a way that makes an interesting game (understandably, it's a very difficult task). **Brass** (both versions) I find pretty bad when not played competitively. The game only gets really interesting when played at 4p by people that understand at least the basics of how to reach a rough equilibrium of strategies (for example, 2 cotton, 1 ports, 1 iron player in Lancashire or 2 beer, 1 cotton, 1 pottery player in Birmingham). At lower levels you'll get stuff like everyone going into beer needlessly or flipping their own ports and creates a less interesting and more similar feeling dynamic from game to game.
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Works perfectly
This does exactly as it describes. I used a little wood glue and they're all sticking together really well! The remaining pieces from the boards and rule book act as a great cover so none of the pieces move around; passing the shake and turn test.
2 years ago
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What are some 10/10 games for you that DOESN´T need any expanssions or add-ons for it to be a perfect experiance?
For hobby board games I would say **Gaia Project**. Maybe I just haven't played it enough but I don't see the need for an expansion, at least not one that would add any mechanics. Maybe some folks with hundreds of games played would want some new factions, I suppose.
Gaia Project Review
Final Score: 5 Stars – The pedigree of Terra Mystica is enhanced and heightened with Gaia Project.
3 months ago
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What makes for a great engine builder?
The reason why Gaia Project and Through the Ages are both best-in-class for engine building is they do both of these things extremely well. Both of them balance short and long-term considerations, and in both games just building a huge engine is no guarantee of huge payoffs late in the game. Not guaranteeing huge payoffs also allows the game design to give the players a chance to run their full engine, which is a common complaint of weaker designs.
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Recently picked up Spirit Island; loving it but what's with the component quality?
Leave them out on your table and they will flatten. Gaia Project took almost a week to flatten itself out but has been fine for years now. The box fits the base game, promos, and Branch and Claw expansion with a Plano organizer fine so you’re definitely doing something wrong with your storage.
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Review: Gaia Project - Shut Up & Sit Down
Simply put, yes, Gaia Project is the more complicated game, but it’s more work for less fun.
3 months ago
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What's a game that clicked with you immediately, one that clicked after a while, and one that never clicked?
But now this game is a consistent favorite, and one I consistently win (much to the chagrin of my husband)! :) Then we learned Gaia Project, and I think I struggled at first just because I was expecting a re-theme of TM, so I struggled to adapt to new rules and strategies. But now it's also a favorite for sure!.
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What are your thoughts on Cole Wehrle games?
I similarly am lukewarm on Scythe. The couple of games I have at a 10 on BGG are **Kemet**, **Brass: Birmingham**, **Sidereal Confluence**, and **Pax Pamir 2nd edition**. As far as complexity they definitely are nothing like the complexity of **Gaia Project**. The rules are a bit more simplified but with a lot of complex strategies.
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