G-shock DW5600

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  • Great for everyday use
  • Tough and durable
  • Affordable
  • Comes with a strap
  • Lots of features


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Owner Review: Casio G-Shock DW-5600
If you are reading this blog, I think you should know what a G-Shock is and little bit about its history. In short, G-Shock is a creation Kikuo Ibe (and his team of course) in 1983 to have a “Triple 10” – 10 years battery life, 10 bar water resistance, and more importantly survive a 10 metres drop. ...
23 days ago
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[Casio] It's no Rolex, But I like to think we all have to start somewhere...
After joining the military, I decided I needed a decent watch. I wanted to go with a brand that had a reputation of building watches that were built to last, that looked nice both in and out of uniform while also remaining affordable. That’s how I landed on the classic Casio G-Shock DW5600.
[SOTC] - I have a problem.
Thankfully I don’t really have arm hair. G-Shock DW5600: my first G-Shock to see if I’d even be into them. Biggest mistake ever. Also got for other reasons like Keanu Reeves in Speed/McLovin from Superbad/any other movie where this watch makes an appearance.
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[SOTC] An affordable 3 watch collection
Updating My watch collection, went from 2 to 3 after i found my old F91-W. G-shock DW5600: My beater watch, this is what I usually pick for any sort of sports activities and also the watch I take with myself when I travel. It's tough as expected, but also a Lot more comfortable than what its size would indicate. If you havent tried a G-shock before, i definitely recommend them!.
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[GShock] What makes GShock so appealing?
Best watch you can buy for under $100 IMO
I have a dozen watches including 2 omegas and I end up slapping on my G Shock more days than not
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Galaxy Watch 3 - first incursion into the smartwatch world.
Perhaps the feature I've enjoyed the most as a modest watch collector of many years is the ability to change faces at will - from digital to analog, from G-Shock to Rolex, and everything in between, it's a lot of fun, and they look great. I have also toyed a bit with mods – I’ve added a case, bezel, screen protector, and bought a few extra bands. Overall, enjoying the watch - nice intro into the smartwatch universe, and likely not my last.
Best Edc Watch for a minimalist wearing all black with a pinch of silver 🖤 [Ga 2100]
I rock my G-Shock all day. Dosent come off my wrist for anything. I've put it through hell and its always been a reliable watch. I've got the DW-6900BB. All black.
[SOTC] Looking to condense down to just a 3-4 watch collection. Advice?
I’d keep the Rolex, Casio Duro, and G-Shock for sure. Might say the new Seiko 5 as the 4th watch as the Rolex can definitely be used as a dress watch.
[Advice] A Traveling Trio
Omega speed master.
Tudor date
G shock
Although I am in love with that seiko presage.
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Casio G-Shock DW 5600 Full Review
it kind of looks kind of cool like that. So two things I had two small issues I had with this watch for me personally: one I wish it's it's a little on the this one I have to pick it's a little loose if I go to the next hole there it's way too tight and this one it's just a little bit loose I could deal with it but I wish it was just half way in between there but that's that's my fat wrist, that's not. You know you can't adjust it perfectly for everybody, but I'll live with it like this
Rock The Watch
23 days ago
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