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Fujifilm Instax Mini LiPlay

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  • Great for social butterflies and party photographers
  • It is a printer and camera all in one
  • Its portable size allows you to bring it anywhere
  • Memory card compatibility, adding sounds to your photo, an on-body
  • Flash and selfie mirror are all great features


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Top reviews

Love this camera !
Camera is amazing!! It is a printer and camera all in one so for the price it is worth it. My favorite part about this Polaroid camera is that it won’t print out your pictures unless you’d want to print it so it doesn’t waste your film 10/10 👍🏼
3 years ago
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Great product
Way better than buying a Polaroid. This way you can take lots of pictures on your phone and print which ever one you like as a Polaroid.
2 years ago
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Fun Hybrid Camera
This hybrid Liplay is quite nice. First of the "off white" color is appealing and for some reason considerably cheaper than the other two colors. You can get an excellent case for this camera for like 13 bucks that completes the package. No waste of film or loss of pictures with this camera as a dig...
Mr C
2 months ago
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I was sold a used camera...
The box was missing items, the booklet and the hand-strap and it looked like the film over the screen had been reapplied. I also noticed the stamps on the buttons looked worn down. It was confirmed that this was used when I found photos of the previous owner on the camera! I was nervous about buying...
Maggie P.
8 months ago
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My New Favorite Toy! The Intax LiPlay is Fun, Portable and Economical
This camera is the newest Intax model and has numerous features that makes its one of the most usable, cost effective and fun camera in the line up. Its portable size allows you to bring it anywhere, the LCD screen on the back lets you compose, review, add filters to your photos. Memory card compati...
3 years ago
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Solid purchase
I love the Bluetooth feature. Pictures print in decent quality with good color. Super dark photos are a little more difficult to see when printed, try editing the photo with high contrast before sending it through.
Keter Prill
2 years ago
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Printer is the most functional part
Wife loves it! We’ve printed sooo many photos since getting it. It’s not hard having pictures printed at a store but the instant gratification of printing yourself makes it so fun! Being able to take photos on the camera is nice but we only took a handful of photos before we deemed the camera qualit...
J Stone
4 months ago
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Fun little camera
Love this little camera. Great for parties and some quick memories. It’s always fun to be able to give someone a photo and print multiple if necessary. It does take the candid element out of instax a but still super fun
Garrett P
3 years ago
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Fujifilm Instax Mini LiPlay Review
If you're well versed in photo editing this isn't a big deal, but for a product that sells itself on ease of use, we wish the app delivered a more inclusive experience..The Fujifilm Instax Mini LiPlay isn't the company's first attempt at making an Instax camera with a digital sensor
Jim Fisher
7 months ago
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For all those times you wished your still pictures had sound
Loading the Fujifilm Instax Mini film is easy, and I actually prefer the mini size as opposed to the wide or squared simply because it fits in my wallet..Like other instant cameras, the Instax Mini LiPlay is fun to use, and the screen allowed me to be as shutter happy as I wanted to get the perfect shot without wasting loads of film
Becca Farsace
7 months ago
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Film Format Type


Item Weight

255 Grams

Item Dimensions LxWxH

5.79 x 4.06 x 3.39 inches