Food Chain Magnate

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  • Great for a party game
  • A complex game by slaughter games
  • You can do just that in food chain, magnate or FCM
  • Splutters come out with a new game at Essen 2015


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Food Chain Magnate First Impression - The Thoughtful Gamer
It’s still in stock right now at the few online retailers I checked, but I don’t know how much longer that is going to last. So if you have the money and think this game is for you, you should probably pick it up sooner rather than later. Please join the discussion below
Most satisfying purchase
My wife and I managed to find a Food Chain Magnate for $10 at a thrift store. Everything packaged neatly with no issues. We had never heard of the game prior but are now huge fans of splotter games!
This week I had an amazing time playing **Food Chain Magnate**, one of my favorite games. I often heard about how heavy it is, so when I played for the first time some months ago I watched a video, scared of having a hard time learning the rules. They are SO EASY. Every detail goes great with the theme, so whenever I read a rule I thought: "Well yeah, it makes sense", and I don't even think there are so many rules.
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Your least favourite board of all boardgames in your collection?
**Food Chain Magnate** for me.
I feel this is a top 5 game, which is why it breaks my heart at just how bland the board looks. It
feels like a prototype that they just never got around to making proper art for.
So, the conclusion after game 2 is I think this is a game that has the potential to be really miserable for players, or be an epic battle of the minds, with an ability to create stories. Like how Food Chain Magnate can be the most miserable experience when you know you've lost 20 minutes in, or a terrific contest that'll have you discussing for hours afterwards.
SU&SD Beyond The Sun Review - The Best Tech Tree In Games?
I had a copy, never got to play it, and ended up trading it for Food Chain Magnate. Not sure that was the right decision now...
Most Tense Board Game You've Played
**Food Chain Magnate** the tension created by the choice of a strategy, the reveal of the cards and then the small recruitment allowing you to leap forward, surprise opponents and sneak a lot of sales ... Then final count and you still lose ... Handycon 2019.
What BGG TOP 100 Games you just couldn't get into, why?
My two would be **Food Chain Magnate** and **Pandemic Legacy Season 1**. **Food Chain** just seemed to have a runaway leader problem, and if you got behind, there was no chance of coming back, so you sat for two hours maybe selling one or two things while the leader sells to every house. I also didn't really like the CFO(I think) milestone, that gave you 50% more money every round, the winner always had that card. With **Pandemic** maybe I just expected more, I am not a huge fan of regular pandemic, it's fine but I don't really get too into it.
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What is your favorite game of all time and what is the game you have the most fun playing? Are they the same game or different?
Lately my favorite has been Food Chain Magnate. I usually don't like harshly competitive games, or ones where you have to pay attention to every opponent's turn and react to them. But something about FCM gets me in the zone of a good Euro, while still having a really interesting decision space, while feeling like I really earn my victory.
What is the most popular game you refuse to try and why?
For me it's probably Food Chain Magnate. I like the idea of it in theory, but I've skimmed the rules and I just feel like it'd be way too heavy for me. Also, I've heard from some people on here that it's a game where you can kinda screw yourself over from the first turn or two, and I really dislike games where you can dig yourself into a hole that you can't get out of.






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