Focal Utopia

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  • Great for the price
  • Good sound quality
  • Comfortable to wear for long periods of time
  • Noise cancelling microphone
  • Product is overpriced


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A unique headphone
First off.. I do believe this headphone is overpriced. It sounds more like a 2,000-2,500 headphone. At times, with certain instruments it does, IMO, sound like a 4,000 headphone. But those times are not common. The sound will scale based on the amp being used. With my SPL Phonitor X, it sounds the b...
3 years ago
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And the $999 Elear aren’t too bad either
I tried a few FLAC files, I even listened on a Pono Player and an Astell & Kern player, and whatever difference there might be, I didn’t notice it. The Utopia and Elear sound just as good with well-recorded compressed files as they do with the super-duper lossless varieties.
Vlad Savov
5 months ago
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What headphone completely underwhelmed you?
Edit: Downvoted, apparently some people don't believe that "it's a preference" as a factor of choosing which headphones to buy. It's like saying every person is going to automatically love the HD600 just because it performs well with good tuning, or that everyone is going to hate the M50X just because it's overrated with quite a warm tilt and underwhelming technicalities. I've always argued headphones like the Focal Utopia has always been the cream of the crop, but I can always find someone who will not like it. Just because something's good, doesn't mean everyone will automatically like it.
What headphone completely underwhelmed you?
Focal Utopia. It's ridiculously sensitive to placement on my head, so sensitive that I thought initially it was channel imbalanced. Turns out its channel matching is actually really good on the miniDSP EARS, just my head and positioning is the problem.
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I think I'm done for now...
- Tried Focal Utopia when looking to upgrade from Clear and fell in love immediately. There is just something about its dynamics, clarity, and imaging that blows me away.
Bad quality.
One of the drivers on mine are actually dead after around 2 weeks of use. Bad quality.
3 years ago
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To people who tried many cans, which one the first time you put them on and thought “This is the one, I’m done with it!”. And why?
Nothing could be possibly more detailed, I thought, and so far I've been right. Having said that, always being tethered to a 10 pound desktop amp isn't necessarily what I want so I've been searching for a non electrostatic transportable equivalent. Closest so far is the Focal Utopia, which sounds wonderful out of my phone and laptop, though I usually use a quality DAC and amp anyways.
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The SubPac X1 is on its way and available for pre-order soon.
I have the original SubPac and absolutely love it. I wrote about it recently in my Focal Utopia review, one of my favourite pieces of gear.
Very Good Sounding Headphones. But it is overpriced, in my opinion. See update
Everything is there, I can hear everything! I got them for just over 2k and I couldn't be more happy. Expensive but I think it is worth the price? Open boxes in good to mint condition is well worth the investment? I am using a chord 2qute Dac (amazing dac), and an Audeze deckard amp to power them, a...
5 years ago
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Your Favorite Pair of Headphones That You Own Or Have Heard
They were good no doubt but I felt they underwhelmed me considering the raving reviews I heard of them. Before anyone says if I was under powering them, I was using the Audeze Deckard amp and a $2k moon audio amp. Both i couldn't tell the difference between. I've always wanted to try the Focal Utopia and Clear but they didn't have them in yet last time I went.




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Focal Utopia Open Back Over-Ear Headphones (Black)

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Over Ear

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