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FiiO High-Fidelity Bluetooth Amp BTR5

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  • Great for portable use
  • Build quality is good
  • Design is sleek and modern
  • Power is great
  • Battery life is long


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Likely Replacing Most of My Devices
This is Very Very Very good. - Build quality A+ - Design A - Portability A - Sound Quality A+ - Power A This is the BTR1, BTR3, ES100 and Dragonfly Red all rolled into one.
Some Guy
3 years ago
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This is the greatest thing for devices without headphone jacks
Sounds great for the price and my powers headphones nicely with good battery life. Very convenient and easy to use once you get used to the button configuration. The FiiO control app great to fiddle with, when it works. Which is basically never. So don't get too excited to use the app. Thankfully yo...
2 months ago
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I am ZeosPantera and I approve this message..
Well it is hard to believe but FiiO have cracked the code. A portable Bluetooth Dac Amp with LDAC that sounds better then anything else in their line-up and it is under $200? I mean I have a hard time understanding where all the power comes from. Pushing T50rp and HD600 through the balanced out with...
3 years ago
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This is a, "magical music maker."
Short Answer: If you are a music lover that wants to be able to use their favorite cans anywhere, you need to buy this. I call this device my, “magical music maker.” Long Answer: People who give feedback on audio/video products rarely tell you what products they have spent hours listening to. That i...
J. Wade
3 years ago
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Versatile & Good Sounding - NO EQ or other APP options in DAC mode (Updated - Changed to UP4)
Updated added at the end of this review: Only using it for a couple days and it sounds good. My only complaints are that the SQ can be a little grainy at times which I thought could be addressed by the EQ (via app while USB connected to phone, or on the device whilst USB connected to pc/mac) BUT THI...
3 years ago
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Fiio BTR 5 Bluetooth Headphone Amp: The CURE for a Missing Headphone Jack!
It does several jobs very well and with great crossover gadget support wired and wireless, this is the price I'm now judging premium portable audio by. So if your phone can't support the headphones you want to use or you want one solution to properly power good audio for multiple gadgets, this Fio is earning a top recommendation.
1 month ago
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Amazing new portable DAC as usually by FIIO
Amazing sound with new BTR5 compare to BTR1 Battery life - allows you forget about charging during a day No more issues with reconnecting after you got out of range. Solid premium feel with glass and aluminum materials. Connected to HP Spectre and Apple pro with no issues, however pixel 3 cannot con...
3 years ago
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Review of the new Fiio BTR5 2021. Still one of my favorites!
So overall I think this is as good as you can expect from a device uh at this price and um again I think that as far as the just the overall quality, build quality, and sound quality, this is a very very uh solid uh release by Fio and um I'm actually very very happy with this device. So that concludes my review of the uh, the Fio Btr 5 2021. I want to say thanks for watching
1 month ago
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Many issues within about a month
This product is terrible and is failing. It looks pretty, but it sounds just OK (ES100 Mk2 is more detailed with a wider soundstage and a better app). I was fairly content with it at first until it started doing this annoying cut-out every time it starts to play. So, you'll hear a song start playing...
2 years ago
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Slight Issues With Bluetooth
I'm not the craziest audiophile with 300 headphones that knows their whole schtick. Hell I have some hearing loss since birth and I can't really hear the highs super well and some of the finer details. That being the case I have been getting a bit into the audiophile world. But I also want to listen...
Raul Medina
5 months ago
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Connector Type

3.5 mm Jack



Connectivity Technology



Item Dimensions LxWxH

0.98 x 0.39 x 2.28 inches