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Field Notes Expedition

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  • Great for carrying in your back pocket
  • Waterproof paper
  • Durable cover and pages
  • Dot pattern on the cover
  • Synthetic ink


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Top reviews

REALLY Tear proof and water proof! Just make sure you use the right pen.
As advertised. People are getting really annoyed with me because I keep talking about how cool these notebooks are. They are truly untearable which is what I was exhaustedly researching to find. I am a cashier and I keep my notebook in my pocket. I have to pull it out and put it in constantly. The p...
Rebecca FP
6 years ago
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Couldn't ask for better.
Wonderful notepad for fitting in your back pocket. I carry this every day for work and the waterproof pages work great with a pencil. Pros 1.) Very durable 2.) Doesn't take up much space 3.) Fits in pocket well Cons 1.) Doesn't work with regular pens (smears)
5 years ago
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Extremley durable.
I’m a maintenance technician for Toyota Motor Manufacturing of Kentucky. There’s a lot of stuff I need to remember but can’t on some occasions due to it not happening every single day. So I usually have some quick tips and cheat sheets written down with me. I have used Walmart brand for a short whil...
4 years ago
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You're trading a little smudging in exchange for bulletproof (not scientifically tested) paper, worth it
Pros: + tearproof paper + waterproof paper + sturdy yet thin and easily pocketable + dot pattern Cons: - doesn't play well with most writing utensils - smudges a little Synthetic inks work best (ballpoint pen), and pencil also comes in. They both smudge a little but like I've said to some of the peo...
6 years ago
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I found a pen that works with this adventure level notebook!
First off this notebook is amazing, it is waterproof it's like it was coated with a permanent Rain X or something! I haven't tried to see if the pages are Tearproof yet because that seems like when people tell you your phone has a built in scale... and then you stand on your phone(don't do that btw)...
5 years ago
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Effective in first testing, with the right pens
The acid tests of these are (1) if you can get unsmearable writing on the "paper" without much dry time and (2) if it stays there when subject to getting wet. Uniball Jetstream pens seem to work quite well for #1, a narrow tip 0.7mm or smaller, drying quickly without smearing. Uniball Powertank 0.7 ...
Mr Apollo
1 year ago
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Don't Start Sketching 30,000 Leagues Below
What I expect from a field notes book and more. I really love the feel of the cover and pages in regards to other types of notebooks since the paper always felt too flimsy and I lived in fear that I would get my book wet and ruin the contents inside. This book definitely has a rugged feel to it, and...
7 years ago
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A waterproof pocketbook for lists and notes
Stats: * at $13 for 3 notebooks --- $4.33 per notebook * 24 sheets / 48 pages : 9 by 27 full dot squares : 8.2cm by 13cm full dot square dimensions (with the caveat that the top and the bottom rows are shorter) Pros: * received product matched description * actually waterproof (tested under a sink) ...
Yosef Levi
6 years ago
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Typical Field Notes quality
These are exactly the quality you would expect for a Field Notes notebook. The added benefit with these is the use of waterproof paper. Having never used them before, I was a little concerned about how hard it would be to write on the pages, but those concerns were quickly a memory. The paper writes...
Browncoats Unite!
2 years ago
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Works wonderfully . . . with the right pen/marker. Everything else will smear :(
In theory, these are great notebooks. I buy Field Notes all the time. I love the quality, the craftsmanship, the attention to detail. What I dislike about this edition, however, are the pages. I have tried three separate pens on them, including Sharpie pens, and find that all of them smudge. The onl...
Ranjani Sheshadri
6 years ago
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