Faction Prodigy 2X

Faction Prodigy 2X

Based on 2 reviews

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Great customer service from Backcountry Freeskier
Versatile on the mountain
Soft and poppy feel
Poplar Core provides power and playfulness
Not as stable at high speeds as some other skis
Not ideal for deep powder conditions
Not recommended for beginners or those looking for a more forgiving ski


The Faction Prodigy 2X skis are highly recommended by reviewers for their soft and poppy feel, as well as their versatility on the mountain. The Poplar Core is praised for its ability to provide both power and playfulness. The customer service from Backcountry Freeskier is also noted as being excellent. Overall, if you're looking for a fun and powerful ski, the Faction Prodigy 2X is a great choice.


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