Eldritch horror

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  • Great for co-op gaming
  • Expansions make it so much better
  • Game takes place all over the globe
  • It delivers a game that lasts only about an hour and a half


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Eldritch Horror - Review - The Giant Brain
Expansive Horror A slight warning before we wrap this up.
3 months ago
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I own both Arkham and Eldritch Horror...Eldritch wins
I've got to admit that I was very hesitant to buy Eldritch Horror as I own Arkham Horror with a couple of the expansions and heard this was a watered down version of the original game. I can firmly say that I was wrong and that I would highly recommend this game. Firstly, this game takes place all o...
Steven Thomas
5 years ago
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This is a huge NOPE and a synthetic horror. This is what an Eldritch horror would smell like if Eldritch horrors were mass-produced in a factory.
Eldritch Horror Review
Final Score: 4.5 Stars – A fantastic trip into the Cthulhu Mythos. Eldritch Horror is both easy to play and highly thematic
3 months ago
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3. **Never clicked - Eldritch Horror:** I've tried so many times to enjoy this game but I think I just...don't.
Eldritch Horror: The Game That Changed A Genre Forever
Last year, my prayers were answered, in part, because Fantasy Flight delivered a game that has nearly the perfect mix of complexity, accessibility, and brevity, wrapped in a Lovecraft theme. Eldritch Horror has become the Lovecraft game, in my humble opinion. It’s s phenomenal design in almost every...
3 months ago
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Eldritch Horror was the first "big" game I go after getting into the hobby years ago and it was a step-up from things like Pandemic. My wife and I were in love with it. It was hard but thinky and we found it to be really thematic and engaging.
Eldritch Horror - Shut Up & Sit Down
Expansion: by - Price: - - - - Expansion: by - Price: - - - - Expansion: by - Price: - - - - Expansion: by - Price: - - - - Expansion: by - Price: - - - - Expansion: by - Price: - - - - Across the globe, ancient evil is stirring. Now, you and your trusted circle of colleagues must travel around the ...
3 months ago
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Games that disappointed
Also the deck construction aspect of it wasn't that fun for me, which probably would've given the base game a little more mileage. Ultimately, instead of spending tons of time and money chasing expansions and mythos packs, I'll probably just get rid of it. I'd rather just play **Eldritch Horror.**.
We love this game!
Thrilling! My wife and I bought this game because of it's co-op nature. We have played at least 10 total plays with groups varying from 2-5 people. WE LOVE IT. Pros: 1. Detailed game play (flavor text/story text on the cards is fantastic) 2. High replay value. With the different ancient ones, differ...
Shawn Jones
7 years ago
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