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  • Great for 2 players
  • Good for beginners
  • Not a good game for those who are not into strategy games
  • A color better than white, silver, black is needed
  • Manual transmission is desired


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What Is Your Favourite 4X Board Game?
I'm a big fan of Eclipse and will always recommend it to people. Scales extremely well regardless of people (though your strategies do have to change, which is good!) And it does exploration well while maintaining a good flow. The risk/reward for exploration is really great since there's a good chance you will get an exploration token (best part of the game in my eyes) or a chance you will get hit with an ancient you can't defeat yet.
Twilight Imperium 4th Edition / Eclipse : Second Dawn for the Galaxy
You buy Eclipse if you want a space themed Euro-style game of resource and tech tree management with a little bit of conflict. It plays well under two hours with 4 experienced players.
While I don't want to just hate on Kickstarter since I think some quality has genuinely come from it, it seems like the only thing mattering now is component quality, often taking the lead to solid game play. 2011-2016 really seemed to be the sweet spot for amazing games for me. **Through the Ages 2nd (2015), Scythe (2016), Feast for Odin (2016), Terraforming Mars (2016), Eclipse (2011), Castles of Burgundy (2011), Concordia (2013), 7 Wonders Duel (2015), Orleans (2014)** all wowed me in ways I didn't think were possible.
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The Great Discon of 2021 Megathread
I’m a little surprised Eclipse and Ultraviolet weren’t popular enough to stay. But I’m really tired of playing the discon game with Lush. I got some LoM and Big Comforter but missed out on a big bottle of American Cream. Lush has been my main ‘happy extra’ for awhile now but I’m feeling mehh any time I think about the actual company now.
Indies of the Day - Tuesday, June 15, 2021
It rivals Poesie for speed and I could not be more impressed! Also, I'm jealous of the shades I ordered as gifts and am considering buying another Cygnus Loop for me. Right now I've got: Birefringence, Cygnus Loop, Eclipse, Electric Carnival, Interstellar, Riddle Me This, Sirene, Storytelling, and Unfazed, and I'm trying very hard to not immediately run off to buy Royalty and Supernova (and maybe My Little Glacier?
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Experiences with friends' gatherings where too complicated board games are bring to play?
I only bring games like that to friends who are established to be into more "hardcore" games, and never to anyone who just want a game they can understand enough to play and have fun the first time, or second if a game is quick enough. Party games and light games exist for a reason people. If you're sad no one wants to play with you maybe let go of the need to subject them to a game that needs longer than 5-10 minutes to explain. Eclipse, Terraforming Mars, Scythe... these are not good games for new or casual players.
What's everyone's thoughts on Eclipse: Second Dawn for the Galaxy?
For myself, I think I like the rules for Eclipse more - most games of TI I've played have been much too friendly and risk averse, so it takes a long time for things to get interesting. That, and Eclipse is more viable at lower player counts.
Are you planning on backing Voidfall?
I backed it, galactic box + metal components. I've never backed another kickstarter, but came extremely close on Arydia a month or so ago, I kind of regret not backing it. This on the other hand looks like it hits all of my interests, i love TI4, Eclipse, and Xia and am a big sci-fi fan.
What's the current feeling on Stellaris Infinite Legacy?
Eclipse is a 1-2 hour game, and has half the choices that are being talked about. It could be a great game, but I've got TI4 and Eclipse: 2nd. It doesn't look like it's *clearly* better than those titles. Also, the entry point is way too high for this to be an impulse buy without actual playthroughs from creators.
Eclipse: Second Dawn the tried and true 4x space game?
It's a decent system. Exploit in Eclipse is more or less resources gained from the colony types and action economy.
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8 to 11 Years

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