Dsptch Daypack

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DSPTCH Daypack Review
My primary, maybe only, pain point of this bag is the straps.
2 months ago
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Recommendation for professional looking backpack
Inless you get the big forge, black ember wint fit your needs. Take a look at the dsptch daypack. I have one and love it. Aer bags always felt good on my back. Try the tech pack. I love evergoods but they are dust and pet hair magnets.
Hands-On With The DSPTCH Daypack Review | Cool Material
Coming in at a competitive price of around $158 we certainly believe that the DSPTCH Daypack is a solid buy. Constructed of high-quality materials combined with great storage and outstanding design make this daypack a dependable purchase.
2 months ago
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I have the DSPTCH Daypack (which I love!) that’s great when I have to head to the office or otherwise take my laptop out. Not so great when I have a smaller load, as the inside is kinda just a big bucket. Love it when I need it, but kinda hate fishing stuff out of it when I don’t have a lot.
Recommendations for versatile laptop (15") backpack
The DSPTCH Daypack, specially the RND edition in Dyneema. Very lightweight, made in USA.
DSPTCH Daypack - Matterful
Tech looks. Epic innovation.
All Time Fav.
Hardest Core™©
Tight tech daily driver
Tech Rambler
Most Epic Basic
Rugged. Techy.
Dad Bag Epic™
Organized. Sturdy
Slimline. Classic.Solid Everyday Tech
Unbreakable, epic and essential.
2 months ago
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Recommendations needed: Dyneema Duffle suitable for stay at home travel for 2021
I love my DSPTCH Dyneema Daypack and Messenger even if they are sitting to the side while I go nowhere so I assume the Duffle would be of the same quality for the same purpose.
DSPTCH Daypack
They could be used for outdoors I guess, if you wanted to carry something there, but that’s a bad spot to put items unless you are forced to. But more than that, my used bag showed just how much wear and abuse straps on the bottom of a bag like this take, and it’s a lot.
2 months ago
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What Bags have you purchases during the quarantine?
Only used a handful of times and not sure why I can’t get excited about the bag). * **DSPTCH RND Dyneema daypack** (another expensive and well made bag - sadly a bit too tactical and rather heavy for me so I ended up selling it online). * I’ve also bought a few Dyneema pouches to organise inside my bags from various makers on Etsy as well - all top notch stuff!.
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Currently when I travel I usually use my normal EDC backpack (DSPTCH Daypack) as my personal item, and then take my EMS duffel bag as my carryon (I think its probably 45L, but not sure). This bag just has a large zipper on the top and no internal organization, which I really like since it maximizes space.