Dobyns Fury

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  • Great for TX rigs and jig and trailers
  • Good sensitivity for the price range
  • Plenty of backbone, fairly light weight
  • Sensitive, light, strong, balanced at an exceptional value
  • Dobyns Fury 734C casting rod fits that description and more


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Top reviews

Awesome rod
Strong yet sensitive, was a bit skeptical about its strength being smaller than most mh rods but confident now
New Rod Day!
Dobyns Fury 7' Medium Heavy Cranking. Also shoutout to Tackle Warehouse for having the best rod packaging I have ever seen. Shipped in a literal PVC pipe.
Gear Review: Dobyns Fury 734C - Bassmaster
The Fury 734C is built extremely well, has a good bait keeper, and is light and sensitive for the price.
2 months ago
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Awesome rod but not medium heavy.
All of my rods both casting and spinning are Dobyns and they are the action they say they are. However this rod isn’t medium heavy. It’s definitely medium. It’s a good rod but super light a noodly.
1 year ago
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I have the absolute perfect excuse to buy a 4th rod, is it time to go bait caster?
Dobyns fury and a daiwa tatula. In that range I don't know if anything will out perform the two. Dobyns is the rod I use until I get to the Loomis/megabass rod range. For the reel daiwa or possibly a Shimano curado would the way to go at that price point.
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Mojo Bass vs Avid casting?
Having used a lot of rods, I would take a Fenwick HMG or Elite-Tech, Bass-X, or Dobyns Fury over a Mojo. Once you are into Avid range, the G.Loomis E6X is also work a look.
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Dobyns Fury vs. St. Croix Bass X | $100 Rod Review
There's nothing wrong with the Bass X, But like I said, if you're looking for something that maybe a little bit more sensitivity, not as heavy, the Dobbins Fury is, in my opinion, a little bit lighter, a little bit skinnier rod. Um, like I said, a little bit more sensitive and you can see.
Jacob Robinson Fishing
2 months ago
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Great all around bass rod
Great do it all rod for the price, I wanted something primarily for TX rigs and jig and trailers, and this fits the bill. Good sensitivity for the price range, plenty of backbone, and fairly light weight. I've been using it for around 8 months and it's taken everything I can throw at (with?) it. Fiv...
5 years ago
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KVD rod reviews?
I’ve heard they’re pretty good for Lews. I still don’t think they could stack up against a Dobyns, or a St Croix for that matter. I’m still gonna get one, but i’m pretty aware that you’re just better off with something like a Dobyns Fury Cranking rod.
Beautifully made rod and nicely balanced
I purchased this Fury 735C to use for frogging and flipping. The choice was based upon researching the recommendations of other bass fishermen and finding a couple of Dobyn's rods in my local Dick's store that I could hold in my hands. That's what sold me. At around $100, I don't think you can find ...
3 years ago
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