Dirtywave M8

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  • Great for beginners
  • Portable and battery powered
  • 8 tracks of synth or samples
  • Designed by Timothy Lamb (AKA Trash80)
  • Inspired by the Gameboy tracker Little Sound DJ


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Dirtywave M8: Handheld synthesizer, sampler and tracker open for preorders - gearnews.com
Dirtywave M8 · Source: Dirtywave Dirtywave M8 · Source: Dirtywave Dirtywave M8 · Source: Dirtywave Previous Next The Dirtywave M8 Tracker is an exciting looking handheld music-making machine that’s ready to go. Preorders are open now! M8
Designed by Timothy Lamb (AKA Trash80), powered by the ...
3 months ago
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Working on portable sequencer like pocket operator but better:) Here is the first prototype UI:
Neat. Looks like the Dirtywave M8 but smaller and with pots. Nice work!
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Dirtywave M8 Archives | Patchstorage
M8 is a portable tracker sequencer and synthesizer M8 is powered by the Teensy micro-controller and inspired with love from the renowned Gameboy tracker Little Sound DJ. Featuring 8 tracks of freely assignable instruments capable of a wide range of sounds including waveform synthesis, FM, virtual analog, sample playback, and MIDI output.
3 months ago
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Dirtywave M8, Portable Tracker Workstation Now Available To Pre-Order
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Dirtywave (AKA Timothy Lamb) M8 is a portable, battery-powered Tracker with deep synth specs, live sampler & MIDI sequencer in one & now avail...
3 months ago
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A short track I've made with my Dirtywave m8.
I've used trackers for years - Renoise, a Polyend Tracker - but my Dirtywave m8 is my new go to. It's just incredibly fun and easy to pick up and start creating.
EP#1 Dirtywave M8 - The Portable and Powerful Handheld Hardware Tracker
So you don't really have to worry about running out of space so to wrap this up. I think this thing's really powerful the form factor having this compact little thing that you can just put in your pocket comes with this nice little carrying case, so you can just pop it in here, throw it in your bag, throw it in your pocket, whatever take It with you play with it on your lunch break, play with it on the toilet. Wherever you are, you can work on your music whenever inspiration strikes, you, which, i think is really powerful oftentimes by the time i get all of my gear set up and synced and cables plugged in and everything
Inflatable Robot
3 months ago
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Sadly have to downgrade from the OP-1. What synths/drum machines do you recommend?
Dirtywave M8. This is personally my favorite portable device though it won’t be up everyone’s alley.
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Slow space country jam with Dirtywave M8
I have seen several demos of this device, and I have never really wanted one until now. This is right up my alley, this is really good stuff. Great work mate!
And now I needs me a Dirtywave M8.
The Synthstrom Deluge interface is a hot mess
the bit crusher etc are unusable imo. but say on an elektron or dirtywave m8 the reverbs are lush / have character, n if you slam the limiter or distortions it is very pleasing to the ear, even on a digital device. the deluge would be infinitely better if they updated the reverb n distortion. design wise, it could have done with a good few more iterations.
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What is the synth you are waiting on?
Pretty different answer than most I supposed but I preordered a Dirtywave M8 and it's supposed to ship in September only so waiting it is!. Otherwise I can't really play piano and really like smaller devices.



8 x 2


8 x In, 2 x Out


Powered via MIDI input (5V or 3.3V MIDI devices)